Some say Austin might as well be on an island as it doesn’t quite fit the reputation of the rest of Texas.

But this trendy city sure draws a crowd no matter how it’s defined.

With thrilling festivals, a thriving music scene, and out-of-this-world food, Austin is no longer just known as the state capital – it’s one of the hottest destinations in the country.

Even as nearby San Antonio and the highly underrated Texas border city of El Paso are breaking all-time tourism records, there is another historic city in the Lone Star State taking the spotlight.

Dallas may be the most recognizable name in North Texas, but it’s Fort Worth that is undoubtedly the new travel hotspot in Texas.

Where The West Begins

Fort Worth’s former claim to fame is simply being known as ‘Where the West begins’.

While that’s still the case, the city has leveled up with some exciting new additions to lasso in more tourists.

Cowboy hat statue in Fort Worth

But what has been Fort Worth’s main draw remains. So much so the spinoff of the hit TV show Yellowstone was filmed here.

What better place to film an old-timey western show than the very streets where real cowboys and cowgirls hold longhorn cattle drives releasing steers into the streets for public view?

That’s right, you know we’re talking about the timeless district of The Stockyards lined with modern bars disguised as saloons, western wear shops, and classic honky-tonks like world-renowned Billy Bob’s.

Fort Worth may have all the ingredients for a country song, but you don’t have to be backwoods born and raised to have a good time here.

Cattle drive event at Fort Worth Stockyards

This city has excelled at a rare achievement of embracing its historical past while also adding some lavish new digs without losing its charm.

Fort Worth is no longer just a draw for the rhinestone, boot-wearing crowd lookin’ to boot scootin’ boogie; it’s a draw to everyone, even A-list celebrities.

Luxury Hotels Coming In Hot

If there was ever a place to take advantage of new luxury hotels in Texas, perhaps all of the U.S., it’s Fort Worth.

Drover Hotel in Fort Worth

This city is seeing a boujee hotel rush as new ritzy stays are opening up left and right.

It all started in The Stockyards when one of America’s now top-rated hotels opened up, adding new flair to the region.

Winning multiple awards, rave reviews from guests have been pouring in for Hotel Drover, a Marriott branded hotel in an exciting, walkable area with a mix of red-brick streets and new trendy restaurants.

As more luxurious hotels have opened their doors, this is surely a key reason why Fort Worth set new tourism records in 2022, along with the new Dickie’s Arena.

But this year is even better! While the latest stats haven’t been released, it wouldn’t be a surprise at all to hear Fort Worth topped themselves in 2023.

View of Fort Worth on nice day

There are 3 notable new hotels worth mentioning, one being the Drover, which is already having its moment.

The others are the Bowie House Auberge and The Crescent Hotel, both 5 stars and on the same street.

Discover Real Texas

If there is one thing in common between Austin and Fort Worth besides being trendy, it’s the notion of not becoming Dallas.

There is a common phrase amongst locals in Austin, “don’t Dallas my Austin”. And it’s safe to say Fort Worth feels the same.

Historic building in Fort Worth, Texas

Dallas is an awesome city in its own right, but it’s a sprawling urban jungle of high-rises and lacks a real sense of Texas overall.

But just 30 minutes away is Fort Worth, and while there is definitely a renaissance going on here, the city is too prideful to let authenticity slip away.

Travelers can expect southern hospitality in it’s truest form and even cliche matching the famous saying, “everything is bigger in Texas”.

Go to one of the many steakhouses, a Fort Worth staple, and you’ll see why that saying holds true.

Whether it’s a Porterhouse serving bigger than your plate or the massive size of the hugely popular Joe T. Garcia’s Tex-Mex restaurant covering an entire block.

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