It goes without saying how popular Medellin has become over the years.

Although, it does have its fair share of drawbacks.

Expats have long viewed Medellin as a budget-friendly haven where they can live life on the cheap in phenomenal weather, scenery, and culture.

Even more so now that the digital nomad craze has taken over the planet making this city one of the most alluring in Latin America.

But…it’s time to pump the brakes. There is another attractive Colombian city rarely ever discussed. In fact, it’s safe to say many don’t know it exists.

To make matters even more confusing, it shares its name with another country.

The underrated city of Armenia is quite possibly the most overlooked city in Colombia, and it’s actually a huge draw.

Easy To Reach With Cheap, Direct Flights

Spirit Airlines plane at airport

How are there direct flights to a place nobody knows about?

Well, we’re not here to solve life’s mysteries, but we are here to tell you what you’ve been missing out on.

For the record, this is not a new flight announcement. Spirit has been the only U.S.-based carrier offering flights to Armenia, and it’s been in service for years.

Spirit offers flights multiple days per week out of Fort Lauderdale (FLL). While we all know how airfare fluctuates, this particular airline is best known for savings above all else, even as they were just named the safest airline in America.

Plane landing at Fort Lauderdale arport

Even more reasons to fly this route as you zoom over Colombia’s extravagant jagged mountains.

Scouring through random summer dates, it’s easy to find round-trip airfare between $200 – $300 with more options to connect from another city in Spirit’s network.

A New Playground For Digital Nomads

As prices soar in the U.S., there was probably no better time for Forbes to release their ’13 Exciting Places Where You Can Live For $1,500 A Month—Or Less’ article.

And you know where this is heading…Armenia made the cut.

While Medellin used to be insanely affordable, with popularity comes higher prices.

Digital nomad at work outside

Nowadays, travelers, whether in Medellin or another similar situation, find themselves more often than not seeking an alternative.

Armenia is such a spitting image of Medellin, both share the same nickname of the “eternal spring” city given the springlike weather year-round.

Weather is not the only draw, however. Despite some valid safety concerns, Colombia is a great option for digital nomads with one of the easiest visas to obtain.

Without a doubt, rather than visit the more popular cities, nomads’ eyes should be set on Armenia with these eye-popping savings.

Digital Nomad Woman Working on Laptop

Living under $1500 is very doable with rent under $550 per month, and even cheaper outside the city limits.

Food bills are expected to hover around $200, leaving plenty of disposable income for a fun time in this lesser-known city.

Welcome To Coffee Country

Colombia is known for a lot of things, but perhaps the most relatable thing is coffee.

As a city of over 300,000, coffee is what keeps Armenia and the state of Quindio running in more ways than one.

Colorful homes on coffee farm - Armenia, Colombia

Of course, the coffee scene only adds to the allure for digital nomads too as there are plenty of cafes to work from and plenty of caffeine to go around to keep you up during boring Zoom meetings.

What makes Armenia even more appealing is its authenticity, where you can cafe-hop all around and never find a Starbucks.

And why would you? As the region’s economic engine, why ‘Americanize’ a good thing?

Tourists can visit scenic coffee farms and even stay overnight in a cozy farmhouse to get a glimpse into the day-to-day lives of locals.

Lush green valley in Armenia, Colombia

Armenia is not the only place to do so; there are ample delightful villages surrounding the city worth a visit. Escape the city life and immerse yourself in the lush mountains with local farmers.

Popular tours are as low as $28 and top rated stays off-the-beaten path, such as Finca Hotel Café Bernal are under $50 per night.

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