Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort’s earth conscious practices  help its environment flourish as well as reduce its eco-footprint. Sugar Beach in St. Lucia is set among 100 acres of lush rainforest and framed by the Eastern Caribbean island’s landmark UNESCO World Heritage-listed Pitons. The property seamlessly blends in with its one-of-a-kind surroundings allowing for unspoiled natural beauty. Hike the volcanic Gros Pitons, explore magnificent waterfalls, and scuba dive at St. Lucia’s underwater volcano, all while staying at the ultimate luxury oasis.

Sugar Beach has a variety of sustainable practices that goes beyond the basics, and continues to strive to be a better and more sustainable resort.

Energy savers: From Solar energy, to ensuring lights are out after hours, Sugar Beach is energy savvy. They’ve said goodbye to energy-guzzling AC units, and upgraded to sleek, energy-efficient inverter models, only kicking into gear when needed. LED lights can be found everywhere – they’re not just bright; they’re brilliant.

Water Wisely: Freshwater, fresh thinking. Their desalination plant turns seawater into sweet, sustainable hydration. Rather than watering the lawn with drinking water, Sugar Beach has a greywater line that keeps the greenery happy without waste.

Farm-to-table isn’t a trend; it’s the Sugar Beach way. Their greenhouse grows the goodies for their kitchen. They love local, supporting nearby farms and reducing food miles.

Ocean Conservation: Their planting efforts are making waves in marine conservation. The current coral restoration process is between 6-9 months, allowing for new coral to grow in three structures along the property, and finally moved and planted onto surrounding reefs.

Rainforest Spa: The property’s world class spa is set in the middle of the Rainforest, at the bottom of the Petit Piton. Its treatment rooms are unique treehouses built on stilts and perched high above the ground, perfectly placed to blend in with its natural surroundings.

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