Spring is always circled on the calendar as one of the best times of year to travel.

While a majority of us seek out sunny beach getaways after a long cold winter, others opt for iconic cultural cities.

Aligning with Allianz’s most recent analysis of over 3.4 million Americans’ travel plans, that seems to be the case for a majority of travelers right now.

The travel insurance provider scoured millions of U.S. travelers’ itineraries for 5 to 8 day stays through April 15th.

Travelers’ bags are packed with passports in hand, ready to jet off to these incredible 10 destinations, according to Allianz:

  • 10) Liberia, Costa Rica
  • 9) Providenciales, Turks and Caicos
  • 8) London, England
  • 7) Oranjestad, Aruba

6) Nassau, Bahamas

resort in the bahamas

It’s been a rough go for the Caribbean as of late in terms of safety concerns.

Whether overhyped or not, Nassau, typically deemed safe for tourists, saw a spate of crime in a short span.

While alarming, travelers are still booking vacations to this popular paradisal getaway with world-renowned resorts, otherworldly beaches, and multiple exotic islands.

Safety issues aside, it’s no surprise that Americans are visiting in droves, as the Bahamas is one of the easiest Caribbean islands to reach from mainland USA.

5) Montego Bay, Jamaica

montego bay aerial view

The U.S. State Department issued an alarming travel advisory for Jamaica in January, but it appears as if many travelers are shoving it aside.

So much so that this popular island nation is still breaking tourism records despite safety concerns. That being said, Montego Bay continues to be the most visited.

Known for upscale resorts, amazing beaches, welcoming locals, and savory food, Montego Bay is high on the list for those in need of a vacation.

Jamaica offers much more than one resort hotspot, however. It’s a truly amazing cultural place to visit.

With new direct flights launching to delightful beach resort towns, such as Ocho Rios, travelers can’t help but be drawn to this iconic Caribbean island.

4) Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

puerto vallarta stunning views of coast

Puerto Vallarta is having a moment. Breaking tourism records in 2023, the gorgeous Mexican beach city is off to a hot start in 2024 as well.

Despite having some beach hazards to start the year, Puerto Vallarta has powered through to become the third most popular destination in the country right now.

As one of the few mega-popular beach getaways where travelers can still experience real Mexico, it only adds to the allure of the stunning beauty of mesmerizing blue waters and lush green hills.

This gorgeous getaway is for everyone. In fact, it’s one of the most LGBTQ-friendly destinations in Latin America.

3) Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

bavaro beach punta cana

The Dominican Republic has long been among traveler’s favorite Caribbean getaways, but with recent travel advisories issued for Jamaica and The Bahamas, trips to the D.R. have surely increased.

While the affordable, easy-to-reach country offers amazing beach getaways, the inland cities of Santiago and Santo Domingo have also become trendy.

Of course, a trip to the D.R. is not complete without some beach time, and there is no place better than the shining star of the Dominican Republic —fabulous Punta Cana.

This safe, family-friendly resort city is the perfect escape with endless things to do in paradise, but nothing beats the powdery sands and crystal blue waters of Bavaro Beach.

2) San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

scenic beach in san jose del cabo

The lavish beach city of Los Cabos is split between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, so it’s interesting to see Allianz specifically highlight the latter.

While Cabo San Lucas is home to some of the most popular beach resorts and nightlife, San Jose del Cabo has retained its charming historic streets while also offering incredible resorts.

You can even stay in a ‘Treehouse‘!

Sky-high prices aren’t stopping Americans from heading to the southernmost tip of Baja for the ultimate spring vacation with some of Mexico’s most pristine beaches.

1) Cancun, Mexico

resorts on beach in cancun

Shocking, right?! As if Cancun hadn’t been hyped enough, it is now landing on another top destination list.

But it’s not all fluff. Cancun is the real deal with world-class resorts and mind-bending beaches.. The fact that it is so hyped shows it’s not destined to disappoint travelers.

Mexico’s iconic vacation hotspot is no different this spring in terms of popularity, except for the fact there’s a whole new way to explore this sunny region of Mexico.

That’s right – the long-awaited Maya Train is the hottest ticket in town.

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