Visiting Europe in spring is one of those things every avid traveler needs to experience at least once in a lifetime, but there’s one tiny problem keeping us back from setting off on the transatlantic getaway of our dreams – the cost.

While most European hotels and short-term rentals are reasonably priced, at least compared to similar places in the U.S., airfare can put a big dent in your travel budget—after all, you’re probably embarking on a 7+ hour flight, so paying extra is to be expected.

However, what if I told you that right now, you can fly to some of Europe’s biggest hubs and back for as little as $169?

That’s right, airfare to five of the biggest European hotspots has officially reached its yearly low, according to Skyscanner, so if you’re thinking about making 2024 the year when you finally take that long-awaited spring vacation across the Atlantic, these are some of the top destinations you’ll want to consider:


the eiffel tower at sunset

Let’s start off with Paris since it’s the capital of the most visited country on Earth and probably one of the highest-ticket items on your travel bucket list.

Round-trip tickets between the U.S. and the French capital start at just $270 this April.

The next time airfare rates will come close to this level again will be in November when the weather in the city is rainy and dreary, so budget-conscious travelers, you need to move fast!

And remember, these same exact tickets can sell for up to $500 or more come summer, especially this year, when Paris is hosting the 2024 Olympics, so timing your visit right can end up saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars (if you’re traveling in a group of 5 or more people).


fiacre hofburg vienna

The Austrian capital exudes a type of regal charm that’s just too hard to resist, and as someone lucky enough to have visited the city during spring, I can attest that the experience is truly worth every penny, especially when flight prices are as low as they are right now.

Vienna is usually even more expensive than Paris to travel to since the cheapest tickets you can access from the U.S. throughout most of the year hover around the $600 mark.

This April, however, some flights are available for just $372, and May tickets aren’t too far behind with a $404 price tag – definitely the lowest you’ll see in 2024.


The Duomo di Milano, Milan Cathedral In Northern Italy, Lombardy, Italy, Southern Europe

Italy’s fashion capital just so happens to be a cultural marvel that turns into the ultimate playground for sightseers and art lovers this time of year.

Best of all, you can get to and from the Italian gem for just under $175 this April.

In May, airfare is set to get even lower, with tickets starting at $169.

If you’re trying to spend as little on travel as possible for your next European getaway, you can stop reading right now – you’ve found your winner!


Porto, Portugal old town ribeira aerial promenade view with colorful houses, Douro river and boats

As one of the trendiest European hubs of the moment, Porto has seen traveler interest skyrocket this past year, and since a good chunk of this ever-increasing interest is coming from U.S. tourists, flight prices are getting higher by the day.

However, you can still finally get your dream Portuguese experience without breaking the bank.

This April, round-trip flights start at $410, which, while not exactly cheap, is still way better than paying almost $800 for the same exact tickets come July.


Bucharest, Romania. Panoramic view Palace of the Savings Bank in the historical center or old town of city

Finishing off the list with a slightly more underrated destination, Bucharest promises travelers a delightfully unique experience this spring, characterized by the fascinating juxtaposition between communist-era buildings and Belle Époque palaces.

Now, most flights from the U.S. to Bucharest surpass the 10-hour mark, so it’s great to see that there’ll be some $450 round-trip tickets available for travelers this April.

From then on out, prices will gradually increase (May is the second-cheapest month of the year to fly to Bucharest, with tickets starting at $469) until they reach the $700-$800 mark, so if there’s one time to rush through those reservations, that time is now.

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