Riskline launches new personalised travel intelligence tool 

Leading travel risk intelligence company, Riskline, has announced the launch of Travel Search Widget, an easy-to-embed tool that is designed to assist travel providers in giving their customers instantaneous personalised travel information. The Widget forms the latest part of Riskline’s WorldInsights series, which aggregates  a variety of information about travellers’ destinations, including an overall trip assessment , upcoming events, possible disruptions, safety threats, health, visa and document requirements. Riskline is one of the world’s leading travel risk insights companies leveraging AI and professional analysts to process more than 100,000 data sources providing accurate and timely travel risk assessments.

Travel companies can incorporate the WorldInsights Travel Search Widget into their website using a copy-and-paste code which will enable customers to access real-time trip assessments and destination information. Not only does this meet customer demand for a personalised booking experience, it also enables them to book more confidently. Businesses that incorporate this solution also bypass the need for complex integrations and resource-intensive development efforts, all of which are financially costly and liable to error. This increases their capacity to be more agile and responsive. Furthermore, the product is fully compatible with mobile devices and works seamlessly with Riskline’s Travel Search API which can be integrated directly into a company’s platform.

Limited data accessibility can be a highly stressful experience for travellers. In response to a BCD survey which interviewed 875 international business travellers, between 23 and 27 percent of respondents reported that researching border control and visa requirements was a major source of stress. In addition, more and more people are booking travel using mobile devices. A Statista report highlighted that global revenue in the travel segment of the app market is expected to grow by £570 million GBP between 2023 and 2027. Riskline’s WorldInsights Widget can provide travellers with instant, reliable information, reducing travel-related stress and therefore increasing the likelihood of additional bookings. Its compatibility with mobile devices allows businesses to capture a share in this rapidly growing market space.

Commenting on the launch of the Travel Search Widget, Founder and CEO of Riskline, Kennet Nordlien said: “At the moment, avoiding hassles  is a top priority for travellers. This new technology can really help provide travellers with confidence and transform a stressful and scrupulous journey research process into a worry-free adventure. As such, businesses that incorporate the widget will have a competitive advantage and will not require any technical wizards to stay ahead of the curve.”

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