Isn’t it nice to share? Well, that’s what’s happening in Taiwan, where an exciting new pass allows locals and tourists alike to both enjoy the perks of unlimited train travel.

Some countries can be stingy only allowing locals to relish the perks of such a pass, but not in this case.

While Taiwan certainly found itself in some eye-popping headlines in recent months, safety concerns at this point are null and void.

The last travel advisory issued was in July 2023, and even then it was the lowest designation for safety risks with Level 1 status.

Taiwan has been given the all-clear. Its vast wonders from the bustling streets of Taipei to lesser known Chiayi are safe to explore, and what better way than by train?

Especially at high speeds!

The Need For Speed

There are 3 different pass packages, but we’ll start with the most thrilling and make our way down.

Bullet trains in Taiwan

Asia is synonymous with lightning-fast bullet trains in terms of rail travel. Taiwan is no different, except here you have unlimited travel for 3 days with the new Taiwan Pass.

Those with the need for speed seeking for a fast-paced adventure through Taiwan’s stunning sites should look no further.

In fact, this pass for Taiwan’s High-Speed Rail is only for foreigners, so take advantage! At just $67, this seems more than worth it, right?

Your starting point, in all likelihood, is the capital city of Taipei as this is the most popular entry point into Taiwan.

Yilan train station in Taiwan

High-speed trains run north to south ending in the highly underrated city of Kaohsiung with stop-off points to transfer to other Taiwanese treasures.

Why is this important? Because not only do you receive 72 hours of access for unlimited bullet train rides, you also receive:

  • Choice of 1 Taiwan MRT pass (local metro)
  • Choice of 1 Taiwan Tourist Shuttle pass

Ride Low And Slow Through Taiwan: A 2-For-1 Deal

Train passing foggy valley of Taiwanese wilderness

Next up is the Taiwan Railway, a more traditional train ride where you can actually snap some photo-ops along the way.

This package is for those who take on the popular perspective of ‘it’s not the destination, it’s the journey’.

Costing slightly more than the high-speed line, for $86 you get to ride through some of Taiwan’s most beautiful scenery as you can essentially make a loop around the entire island nation.

Better yet, taking a page out of Southwest Airline’s book, this package comes with a companion pass. So really you and a friend are only spending $43 – an unbeatable deal.

Train passing through tunnel on Pingxi Line, Taiwan

Since this train doesn’t travel at breakneck speeds, you also get an extra couple of days for unlimited train travel.

Go anywhere you want within a 5 day period and also make the most out of the same benefits as above with an additional Metro and Tourist Shuttle Pass.

MRT And Tourist Shuttle Add-Ons

It would be foolish not to take advantage of freebies thrown into your package, but knowing where the MRT and Tourist Shuttle go is probably your net question.

Only 4 cities have MRT lines, which are:

  • Taipei
  • Taoyuan
  • Taichung
  • Kaohsiung

Additionally, there are 4 Tourist Shuttle stops (labeled A, B, C, and D on the route map):

  • Nantou Qingjing Line
  • Nantou Sun Moon Lake Line
  • Chiayi Alishan Line
  • Kenting Express Line

Tourist admiring Taipei architecture

Taipei is where your adventure begins, not necessarily where it should end. Milking the perks of free MRT tickets is an unnecessary excuse to explore this amazing city.

If you were to head south from Taipei on either the high-speed train or the Taiwan Railway, the last thing you should do is feel guilty freeloading from the Tourist Shuttle.

It goes to some really cool places like Chiayi, for example. You can hop off and take the Chiayi Alishan Line and discover a hidden gem nobody ever talks about.

Brimming with fascinating temples, scenic nature reserves, and delicious local cuisine, you’ll quickly realize there’s so much more to Taiwan beyond the urban sprawl of Taipei.

Mountainside staircase with sweeping views of Chiayi, Taiwan

No matter where you go, whether high-speed, low and slow, or shuttle, all you have to do is download the Taiwan Pass app from the Apple Store or Google Play for easy access for the ultimate adventure.

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