The Cheapest Hotel Booking Platforms Revealed

The Cheapest Hotel Booking Platforms Revealed

Booking a hotel can be stressful and might sometimes feel overwhelming. You want the best option at the best price. However, with so many platforms available it’s hard to compare and decide. Which hotel booking platform shows the best prices? A new study revealed valuable information.

InsureMyTrip, an American travel insurance comparison agency, did the hard work. Experts gathered data from the most popular online booking websites and analyzed 1,000 hotels in top destinations in the United States and abroad.

The agency chose 50 hotels in 20 of the most popular cities for American travelers —ten in the US and ten international—  and looked for prices for the same dates on the same day to avoid price fluctuations. The results might surprise a few travelers.

InsureMyTrip compared and analyzed results from these sources:

  • Expedia
  • Each hotel’s official website.

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The study showed that the most popular platform might not be the best option. They all might have interesting deals, but some platforms are more reliable than others. Also, the best booking option might change depending on the destination.

The Cheapest Hotel Booking Platforms

InsureMyTrip revealed that shows the most expensive options. During the analysis, only 7% of the time it offered better deals. These were the platforms with the cheapest bookings:

  1. This booking site usually has the best hotel deals. According to the report, 69% of the time this platform offered the best prices. Using this platform could help travelers save around $43.83.
  2. Expedia: This platform has similar prices to and shows the second best prices with a difference of just a few cents or a couple of dollars.
  3. Direct Hotel: Booking directly from the hotel might not be a bad option but, in most cases, could be a little more expensive.

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On average, by booking your hotel through you could pay around $33.13 more than you would through

The report also showed which site has the best prices according to the city. These are some of the main destinations considered by InsureMyTrip:

  • New York: Travelers can save up to $73.82 by booking through in this city.
  • Los Angeles: The best option is to book directly through the hotel website. This strategy can help you save around $39.68.
  • Miami: Using a recognized platform might be a good strategy to avoid the popular rental scams in Florida, but visitors should opt for to get the best prices.
  • London: Both sites, and Expedia, offer travelers good prices.
  • Dubai: Expedia offers the best hotel deals for this destination.
  • Paris: and Expedia are the best hotel booking platforms when visiting this charming city.

According to the study, the destination can also affect the prices on each platform. When traveling to the UAE, Bangkok, Thailand, or Malaysia, Expedia usually has the best prices. Some websites are more popular and trusted in certain destinations, so travelers should consider this when finding the best options.

How To Save Money When Booking a Hotel

The study has made clear that might not be your best ally and if you don’t have much time to compare hotel prices from different websites, is definitely the safest bet. However, those who want to save money should always compare at least two or three options.

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At Travel Off Path, we are constantly sharing tips and deals. You can also visit our guide of the Top 10 Booking Hacks For Cheap Hotel Prices and find the best saving alternatives for your next trip.

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