There’s nothing better than a beach vacation.

And whether you want beautiful blue Mediterranean beaches or wild and wind-lashed, rugged beaches along the Atlantic coast, Europe always delivers.

So which Euro destination has the best beaches for you?

The experts at Book Retreats have ranked Europe’s best beaches for 2024, and these five countries came out on top.


Panoramic aerial view of San Sebastian (Donostia) in

Think Spain, think beaches! So it should come as no surprise that 3 of the top 10 beaches in Europe are in along the beautiful Spanish coastline.

Spain also takes the prize for having the official best beach in Europe.

This is La Concha beach, which is located smack bang in the city center of San Sebastian, making it incredibly easy to access both from the city and its airport.

La Concha beach is popular with locals and tourists alike who are attracted it is beautiful waters that are perfect for swimmers as well as its picture-perfect shell-shaped sands.

Other noteworthy Spanish beaches which made the list include Las Canteras Beach which is on the Canary Island of Gran Canaria. A mecca for surfers and snorkelers, the clear turquoise waters here are loaded with sea life. Factor in the year-round good weather on the island and it’s easy to understand why this beach is so popular.


aerial view of orange cliffs on the beach at praia da falesia in the algarve portugal

Portugal was listed as one of the top 5 safest coastal countries in the world. It also won the award for being home to Europe’s best beach for adventure.

Praia de Samoqueira beach is a must-visit destination for adventurers thanks to its rugged vista that makes it perfect for hikers. The beach here is beautiful and has a wilderness feel. Visitors can enjoy caves, rock formations, and even a waterfall.

Another Portuguese beach, Praia de Falesia, was also crowned the second-best beach in Europe overall. This popular beach is located in the Algarve, and the contrast of its golden clay cliffs against the vibrant blue waters attracts visitors from around the world.

This beach also topped the chart thanks to its high levels of tourist safety and beautiful year-round weather.


Sakarun Beach, a sandy beach in Veli Rat, Croatia.

Croatia (along with Cyprus and Greece) was chosen as the country with the best beaches for swimmers. According to the report more than 95% of the swimmable beaches in Croatia boast excellent water quality.

The 3rd best beach in the world is based in Croatia, and the country landed a whopping 3 different beaches in the top 10 list.

Pasjaca Beach is located just 29 kilometers (18 miles) south of Dubrovnik which means that it’s easy to explore this exceptional beach and Croatia’s most popular and iconic city at the same time.

Pasjaca Beach is considered the jewel of Croatian beaches. The reason it ranked so highly is because of its breathtaking location. It is nestled between an awesome 200-foot cliff and the shimmering blue of the Adriatic.


sardinian beach

Sardinia and Sicily in Italy were chosen as the best European beach destinations for sunbathers. Both boast average peak summer temperatures of 33 degrees centigrade (91.4F).

2 of the top 10 beaches in Europe are based in Italy. They are Lama Monachile beach, and Tuerredda Beach.

Lama Monachile beach is located in Polignano a Mare and is the first pebble beach to appear on this list.

Pebble beaches have a ‘love them or hate them’ effect, but this compact cove beach is breathtakingly beautiful.

Nestled between towering cliffs, the drama of the beach, as well as its incredible turquoise water, makes it worthy of your attention.

Tuerredda Beach in Southern Sardinia is considered the best sand beach in Italy. Expansive stretches of white sand beach create a paradise effect here.


Kleftiko Beach in Greece

Kleftiko Beach in Greece is considered the best beach in Europe for relaxation.

It also received accolades for being less crowded than many other beaches in this notoriously overcrowded beach destination.

Another Greek beach worthy of note is Seitan Limania beach in Chania, Crete. This beach takes a little effort to get to as it is hidden at the bottom of a cliff, but it’s worth making the effort for the beautiful views and the crystal clear waters in this secret cove.

Greece’s beaches ranked highly for accessibility, weather in summer, and popularity.

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