These 6 U.S. Cities Have Been Rated The Best For Digital Nomads And Remote Workers 

With the increase of post-pandemic remote workers choosing not to return to the office, the world has seen a rapid expansion of both digital nomads and remote workers, both of whom have the freedom to log on from almost anywhere.

While many digital nomads tend to move abroad for a lower cost of living, a high quality of life, or different cultural opportunities, there are some who prefer to stay stateside and are simply looking for places to settle down for a while without the massive price tag that many large cities in the U.S. bring.

One area that has seen a large influx of remote workers in recent years across the U.S. are the small to midsize towns and cities, attracting people with a lower cost of living and good amenities needed for remote work.

main street town in usa

Historically, communities that appeared quite suddenly and expanded very rapidly were given the name “boom towns”, and in the past, they were fueled by economic opportunities that the mines or the gold rush brought with it.

Now, here in 2023, we are beginning to see what some people are referring to as “zoom towns,” which is a term coined to refer to the locations around America that have seen a growth in population due to a sudden increase in remote workers.

chicago suburbs at sunset

In an effort to determine the best zoom towns across America, financial information marketplace SmartAsset analyzed data for almost 300 cities and towns across the country. The study looked at factors that impact remote workers, such as population characteristics, cost of living, and internet and electricity reliability.

Many places that made this list are found in the suburbs of much larger cities, therefore offering the amenities of a larger town but with some small-town living benefits as well.

Here Are The Top 6 Cities In The U.S. For Digital Nomads And Remote Workers, According To SmartAsset

South Jordan, Utah

Located just about a 20-minute drive from Salt Lake City, you can find the peaceful and picturesque small town of South Jordan.

About 20% of this small town’s population are remote workers, and the number of housing opportunities is increasing to meet the rise in demand.

Beautiful sunset in Daybreak, South Jordan, Utah USA during winter

Eagan, Minnesota

Another suburb of a larger city, Eagen lies outside the Twin Cities, reachable in less than a 30-minute drive.

Eagen wins points for having more affordable housing than many other options on this list, and according to recent figures, almost 30% of the town is working remotely.

Eagan, Minnesota

Arlington Heights, Illinois

Outside Chicago, you can find many suburbs worth checking out for remote workers and digital nomads, especially for those who want to be close to some big city action but with a lower cost of living.

Arlington Heights houses are a little cheaper than in Chicago, and about 30% of those living here work online.

Aerial View of the Chicago Suburb of Arlington Heights in Autumn

Naperville, Illinois

Naperville is a suburb of Chicago but really a city in its own right as well. This area has grown fast, and is now a center for any headquarters and industries.

According to SmartAsset’s study, Naperville has seen the most population growth with remote workers, with nearly a third of its residents working online today.

Naperville Town view in Illinois State

Overland Park, Kansas

Just a short 20 minutes drive from nearby Kansas City you can find Overland Park, a suburb with a low population density and lower cost of living when compared to other Midwest cities.

This area has seen a nearly 25% increase in remote workers since 2019 and offers parks and recreational opportunities for your free time.

Beautiful pond and bridge Overland Park KS

Olathe, Kansas

Located right in the middle of the U.S., Olathe is growing in popularity with remote workers looking to relocate to Kansas’s fourth-largest city.

The headquarters of Garmin International is here and houses can cost as low as 20% under the national average, making it an attractive option.

Bronze statues at Johnson County Kansas (KS) Administration Building in Olathe, the USA

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