If there’s one thing travelers all over the world can agree on, it’s that saving money on airfare is always a plus.

Of course, safety concerns are legitimate and you don’t want to hop aboard any airline to save a pretty penny.

That’s where AirlineRatings.com comes into play.

The leading online source for airline products and safety just released its rankings for the “Best Low-Cost Airlines” in 2024.

Some are popular, some are surprises, and quite frankly, some you may have never heard of before.

If there’s one thing travelers should know is these airlines fly to some amazing destinations across the globe without breaking the bank.

These 7 airlines were just named the best in the world for budget travelers:


FlyDubai plane in Santorini

One of the most iconic cities in the world just so happens to be a far-flung getaway for many. Although, the journey is definitely worth experiencing Dubai at least once in your life.

Unlike any other city, this luxurious desert oasis may drain your bank account on arrival, but it doesn’t have to be that way to get there.

Dubai’s flagship budget carrier flies across Europe, Asia, and obviously the Middle East. Unfortunately, there are no nonstops from the U.S, so Americans will have to connect.

Flydubai’s fleet holds a perfect 5 stars in terms of product and 7 stars for safety, according to AirlineRatings.


Eurowings plane landing in Greece

Red Bull may give you wings, but you won’t get very far, flapping your arms with a rapid heartbeat.

It’s best to leave your travels to Eurowings, a lesser-known airline based in Dusseldorf, Germany.

As one of the top low-cost carriers in the world, you can save on airfare while visiting some of Europe’s top destinations.

Eurowings has an extensive network despite flying under the radar. Visit popular cities like London and Barcelona, or perhaps venture into the unknown like Yerevan, Armenia.

Wherever you go, you’re in good hands. The airline holds a 5-star safety rating.


easyjet plane on runway in Italy

Another cost-saving airline in Europe is easyJet. Despite not knowing the rules of capitalization, don’t let that deter you from trusting them with your travel adventures.

While their product rating is slacking, they too hold a perfect safety rating.

One of the more recognizable European budget airlines, U.K.-based easyJet flies to some truly great places, including 2 airports in Iceland.

From Scandinavia to Eastern Europe, easyJet has you covered without leaving a dent in your bank account.

Cebu Pacific

Cebu Pacific plane flying over Manila

The Philippines is one of the cheapest countries in Asia and also easy to reach on a budget. Better yet, not only can you fly to Manila on the cheap, but also phenomenal islands like Cebu.

Cebu may not be first on your list when thinking of an epic Asian adventure, but hey, money talks.

Even if the Philippines isn’t your destination of choice, the fact the Cebu Pacific flies to so many cool places, like Australia and the “Las Vegas of Asia“, it makes an awesome stopover at the very least.

Of course, it helps that United now flies nonstop to Cebu to make getting here even easier.

Cebu Pacific holds perfect safety and product ratings.

Air Canada Rouge

Air Canada Rouge plane flying over Jamaica

Say what you want about Canada these days, but you can’t blame Canadians for needing a nice vacation to places like Montego Bay.

Since Swoop and Lynx have retired, Rouge and Flair are the last pair standing in terms of budget travel, with the latter being rated much higher.

‘Rouge’ specifically is not listed on AirlineRatings, but Air Canada Express holds an impressive 6/7 stars for safety 4/5 stars for their product.

So, let’s hope Air Canada isn’t replacing nuts and bolts with maple syrup on their budget brand.


Traveler boarding Air Baltic flight

Ahh, the Baltics. What a beautifully underrated side of Europe. Travelers may not know this airline, based in Riga, Latvia, flies to some awesome destinations.

Of course, the Baltics aren’t limited to Riga and a majority of the region is widely considered very affordable, especially Vilnius.

The Baltics’ top low-cost airline holds a perfect safety rating and 4/5 stars for their product.

Air Asia

Row of Air Asia planes

Besides Europe, Asia is undoubtedly the most fun part of the world to hop around and Air Asia makes it easy and affordable.

Based in Malaysia, travelers can jet off to off-path countries like Myanmar or iconic destinations like Thailand.

Just like Frontier offers their unlimited flight subscription in the States, Air Asia has their own version too, making your travels seamless.

The popular budget carrier holds a perfect safety rating and 4/5 stars for their product.

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