These Are 6 Of The World’s Top Beaches To Add To Your Bucket List For 2023

Do you dream of spending long lazy days lounging on the beach? Or perhaps your dream beach day is action-packed with activities and water sports.

There’s nothing better than a beach day, but not all beaches are created equally. So, if you’re creating the ultimate beach bucket list, where are the world’s top beaches?

Banana Boat worked with some of the world’s most respected travel influencers and experts to create a definitive list of the 50 best beaches in the world.

We have used this list to curate our own short list of the 6 beaches to inspire you and add to your bucket list:

Lucky, Australia

Located on the south coast of Western Australia, Lucky Beach forms a part of the Cape Le Grand National Park.

kangaroos on Lucky Beach, Australia

This beach is famed for its bright white sand and shining turquoise waters. The water is very clear and calm here, making it perfect for swimming and water sports such as paddle boarding, kayaking, and snorkeling.

One of the main attractions of Lucky is the chance to meet kangaroos on the beach. With or without the kangaroos, Lucky provides photo opportunities at every turn.

Although the location is remote, Lucky Beach is relatively easy to access by car, and vehicles with four-wheeled drive can even drive straight onto the beach.

Honopu, Hawaii

One of the most remote and yet most beautiful beaches on the island of Kauai, the only legal way to access Honopu Beach is to swim to it.

An aerial view of Honopu beach, Hawaii.

While this might make visiting Honopu Beach a challenge, it is worth making the effort for the spectacular views that will greet you here.

Honopu is actually two beaches backed by dizzying 1200-foot tall sea cliffs.

The two beaches are separated by the Honopu Arch, a huge natural rock structure that has a large waterfall cascading through it and is the main attraction of this stunning beach.

Honopu Beach is an incredible location, and because of the many myths and legends associated with it, it is believed to be a spiritual place too.

Moro, Spain

Situated on the island of Mallorca, Moro Beach is small but perfectly formed. You will find this beach deep inside a bay with sheer cliffs on both sides.

An aerial view of Moro Beach, Mallorca, Spain

The beach itself is picture-perfect, with fine-grained white sand and bright blue seas. The water here is shallow and calm, making it an ideal place for swimmers of all confidence levels to take a dip.

Moro Beach is often referred to as a European Caribbean, thanks to the vibrant blue of the sea.

There are no facilities here, not even a bathroom, which might not be convenient, but it does help to ensure that the beach isn’t too crowded. Particularly important on the island of Mallorca, where beaches are ram-packed during the summer months.

Achmelvich, Scotland

Achemelvich Beach is located in the North West tip of Scotland, around 3 miles northwest of Lochinver.

Achemelvich is located on the North Coast 500 road trip route, meaning that it is popular with tourists to the region. And it’s easy to see why.

A beach of outstanding natural beauty, you’ll find soft sands and a shimmering blue ocean so calm you can see your own reflection, or the reflection of the surrounding mountains, in it.

Whilst Achemelvich is a breathtakingly beautiful beach, it is the nature that surrounds it that elevates this beach experience. Located in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, the beach is surrounded by large peaking cliffs, and you can see Ben More and Cul Mor from its shores.

Goloritze, Italy

Located in the town of Baunei on the island of Sardinia, this is a relatively modern beach that was created by a landslide in the region in 1962.

Because of this, Goloritze Beach is famous for its high pinnacle, which lies an incredible 143 meters above the cove.

The steep path down to the Goloritze beach, Sardinia, Italy.

The beach itself is small but perfectly formed: it is just 200 meters long.

The main attraction here is the water, which presents in unbelievable shades of green and blue and is considered one of the best snorkeling spots on the island.

The beach is only accessible on foot or by boat, which can help to deter the crowds. You won’t find any facilities on the beach here either.

Goloritze is such a spectacular and unique beach that in 1995, it was elected a UNESCO site.

Trunk, U.S. Virgin Islands

Often listed as one of the prettiest beaches in the U.S. Virgin Islands, if not the world, Trunk Bay is everything you would imagine the perfect beach to be.

Woman sitting on beach

Boasting over a quarter of a mile of snow-white sands, this is the only beach on the island of St. John that charges an entrance fee: but it’s worth every cent of the $5 you will pay to visit.

Towering coconut trees surround the white sands to the rear and aqua-blue water to the front.

Trunk Beach is a popular place for snorkeling and swimming. Its popularity means that this beach can become crowded, so arrive early for those incredible insta-shots that make this location so famous.

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