These Are The 5 Best States For Camping Trips This Summer

Camping never loses its luster no matter what is going on in the world. It’s always nice to be able to reset in nature and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us all.

Of course, during a worldwide pandemic, finding a way to be outside was the best way to escape reality. As a result, camping has skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years.

That trend is expected to continue to rise even though the pandemic is over. It is reported over 50 million people went on camping trips in the U.S. last year.

That’s why there was no better time for Adventures On The Rock to put together a new study to discover the top states for camping trips.

They are a small company of outdoor enthusiasts who encourage people to spend as much time as possible in nature.

What Went Into This Study?

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The team behind this study took the following factors into consideration:

  • The number of landmarks and national parks related to a specific state
  • How many hiking trails are in the area
  • The number of campgrounds and RV parks related to the population
  • The breadth of animal and plant species
  • The number of deaths per 10 millions national park visits
  • How many deaths were caused by harmful plant or animal encounters
bison in wyoming

These factors tend to make a camping trip more successful. Each one is given a score from 1-10 and calculated into an overall ranking of a Camping Index Score that goes up to 100.

These are the Top 5 Best States For A Camping Trip This Summer:

Vermont – Camping Index Score – 61.23

The Green Mountain State came in as the #5 state for a camping getaway. This scenic state scored 61.23 out of 100.

The reason behind the score was mostly due to Vermont’s great outdoor features, as they have the second-highest amount of trails at just over 400.

They also came in seventh for the number of RV parks and tenth in the number of campgrounds at 24 of them.

stream in the green mountains of vermont

Idaho – Camping Index Score – 63.62

The Gem State ranks #4 on the list of best camping trips in the United States. With a score of 63.62 out of 100, this gorgeous state in the Pacific Northwest has a lot to offer nature lovers.

Idaho offers the fourth-highest amount of free campgrounds totaling 17 of them, along with the ninth-highest amount of trails in accordance with their population.

There is also a much higher chance of enjoying beautiful weather as the level of rainfall tends to be very low each year.

hiker with dog in the sawtooth mountains

New Mexico – Camping Index Score – 65.94

The Land of Enchantment ranks in the top 3 best states for campers. With a score of just under 66 out of 100, New Mexico is a highly underrated place to sleep under the stars.

For every 100,000 inhabitants, New Mexico had the third highest amount of free campgrounds, which is 18 in total. They also have very few deaths at their national parks.

This wonderful state is also home to the seventh-highest amount of campsites and came in fifteenth in the number of trails to hike, totaling just over 100 of them.

Animal and plant lovers will also be fascinated with this state since there are over 4,500 varying species.

big horn sheep in new mexico

Montana – Camping Index Score – 69.29

The Treasure State comes in ranked #2 as the best state to go camping. In relation to their population numbers, Montana has the highest amount of trails totaling well over 400 of them.

Finding a place to camp is seemingly endless, with 90 paid sites to stop at. T

here are also many free campgrounds to choose from and the second-highest amount of RV parks.

Getting where travelers need to go shouldn’t be an issue either, as Montana has some of the lowest fuel costs in the nation.

hiker crossing bridge in montana

Wyoming – Camping Index Score – 72.12

The Equality State is the top state for camping trips in the U.S. Many factors make Wyoming the best in the nation.

They are home to the highest amount of RV parks (both paid and free). In addition, Wyoming offers well over 300 spectacular hiking trails per 100,000 inhabitants.

With a total population under 600,000 for the entire state, visitors will love the vast openness anywhere they go. Very affordable gas prices will make the adventure even easier.

cabin on a lake in wyoming

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