Some people look for luxury when they take to the skies, and I’m often envious of their delicious meals, extra amenities, and comfortable night’s sleep.


I prefer to fly as cheaply as possible!

The less I spend on getting somewhere, the more cash I have to splash when I arrive!

So AirAdvisor’s list of the cheapest U.S. airlines couldn’t have come at a better time.

Check out the list and definitely stick around to the end for some of my top tips on saving money on airfare:

5. JetBlue

JetBlue Aircraft

JetBlue is considered a budget carrier, but they aren’t an ultra-low-budget, no-frills airline.

That means if you want to save a few bucks but you’re not prepared to trim every essential then they might be a good choice.

JetBlue took the 5th place spot with airfares averaging $0.1332 per seat, per mile.

But when you think how many miles the average flight is, costs can quickly add up!

Look for Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra and Mint fares, as these all include a free carry-on bag that fits in the overhead bin.

Otherwise you’ll have to pay extra for any luggage you carry.

4. Allegiant Air

image of an Allegiant Air Airbus A319

Because they only fly within the U.S., Allegiant is considered one of the cheapest domestic airlines.

So, if you’re looking for domestic travel this summer without breaking the bank, they’re well worth considering.

Expect to spend an average of $0.1294 per seat, per mile if you book with Allegiant.

3. Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines plane parked between palm trees

Hawaiian Airlines is the only airline to make this list that doesn’t specialize in low-cost travel. This makes them the highest-ranking non-budget airline in the country.

You’ll pay an average of $0.1236 per seat, per mile if you choose Hawaiian Airlines.

It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that, as the name suggests, Hawaiian Airlines is a good budget option if you want to fly from anywhere in the U.S. to Hawaii.

They also offer the best prices for getting from Hawaii to Asia or the South Pacific.  

2. Spirit Airlines

Spirit plane flying over St Maarten

If you want a getaway to the sun this summer then Spirit is a great choice. They specialize in flights across the U.S. to the Caribbean, and to Latin America. Plenty of spots that are sizzling right now!

Expect to pay an average of $0.1110 per seat, per mile with Spirit.

It’s worth noting that the best way to get the cheapest fare with Spirit is to avoid adding on any extras.

The “Basic Fare” that is advertised on the website only includes your seat and one personal item. You’ll then pay extra for anything else you want, such as luggage or seat selection.

Spirit doesn’t have a simple price table (that would make things too easy for passengers), and prices vary depending on where you’re traveling. However, carry-on luggage prices start from $39 and up.

Stick to the basic fare and travel light for the lowest prices that earned Spirit 2nd place on this list.

1. Frontier Airlines 

A Row Of Frontier Planes At An Airport

Given that they’re pitched as an ultra-low-cost airline, it shouldn’t come as much surprise that Frontier took the number 1 spot as the cheapest U.S. airline.

And they are much cheaper than the other airlines on the list with an average cost of $0.0985 per seat, per mile.

Frontier has a pretty wide network too. So if you’re flying in the U.S, Central America or Mexico it’s probably worth checking out their prices first, as well as comparing them to the other airlines on this list.

Like Spirit, Frontier also charges for carry-on baggage so consider this extra cost when booking too. You can avoid this by booking a bundle option of BizFare package.

Otherwise, prices start from $20 per person per flight segment.

How To Save Money On Airfare 

Couple with luggage standing in an airport terminal

Because almost all of these airlines are low-cost or ultra-low-cost carriers, you’ll pay extra for pretty much everything. And the most expensive extra airlines like to sting you for is bringing either carry-on or hold luggage.

So one of the best ways to save money on airfare is to leave your suitcase at home. Pack light, or even consider buying essentials (such as sunscreen) when you arrive: it’s often cheaper to shop at your destination than it is to pay the airline to bring a big suitcase.

If you can’t pack light, then pay for your baggage in advance. It is always cheaper to buy in advance than at the airport, and that applies to every airline on this list!

It’s not a tip that works for everyone, but I also love waiting ‘til the last minute to book flights and vacations. And often my travel plans will revolve around which airline and destination is offering the cheapest tickets!

If any airline has inventory left, they’ll sell it at a fraction of the price a couple of weeks before departure. But of course, this only works if you have a flexible schedule and no fixed idea of where you want to go next.

Finally, if you’re travelling overseas and you have more time than money then you’ll save a packet by not booking direct flights.

The cheapest flights are often the ones most people consider the worst – and that can mean a long layover. But it’s a great way to see parts of the world you might otherwise not be able to afford to explore!

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