In terms of its safety reputation, Mexico is hit or miss, depending on who you ask.

However, any trip abroad comes with its risks as we go out of our comfort zone away from home.

Mexico has long battled mainstream news as any violent act or serious offense seems to overtake headlines and leave an impression that all of Mexico is dangerous.

Despite the media’s best efforts, 99.9% of travelers who have been to Mexico surely disagree, as the beautiful country is teeming with welcoming locals, vast cultural cities, delightful pueblo magicos, and, of course, incredible beaches and resorts.

That being said, there are always ‘bad apples’ who can change the narrative, and there are always a handful of tourists who push the envelope.

So, what does the U.S. State Department think with their intel?

Ranging from Level 1 to Level 4 to determine safety levels, the government agency has issued travel advisories for every state in Mexico.

These are the 7 safest beach destinations according to the U.S. State Department:


colorful campeche sign

Surprisingly, the coastal city of Campeche is trending with travelers this year, and one key reason it’s become a big hit is that it’s one of the safest cities in Mexico.

Beyond the safety aspect, next in line for the ‘trendiest’ title would be the highly-anticipated Maya Train.

Campeche is one of the stops and travelers are loving it! A mix of captivating cultural sites, affordability and nice beaches along the Gulf of Mexico is luring in tourists this year.

There are only 2 states in Mexico designated Level 1: Exercise Normal Precautions and Campeche is proud to be in this exclusive club.


sisel beach in yucatan mexico

The only other standing member in the club is the Yucatan state.

Super safe, gorgeous, and offering ample historical sites, such as Chichen Itza, travelers can’t go wrong visiting this side of Mexico.

And while Merida is not a beach city per se, it’s close enough as this increasingly popular city makes for a great gateway to hit the coast.

Proudly holding the title of ‘safest city in Mexico‘, Merida is perfect for those who want to ease into Mexico if they have any hesitations regarding tourist safety.

Choosing between Playa Norte, Sisel, and Progreso to spend your beach days is a coin flip, but one unsuspecting beach is the Yucatan’s best kept secret.

Quintana Roo

aerial shot of cancun resorts

Now on to Level 2 – Quintana Roo is home to Mexico’s most popular beach vacation hotspots. Of course, the best of the best is the iconic beach city if Cancun.

A staple for vacationers for decades, Cancun is always reliable, always safe for tourists, and checks off all the boxes for a dreamy getaway.

Factor in surrounding trendy beach destinations, such as Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, among others, there is perhaps no better place in Mexico to find your niche.

As the Maya Train continues to expand operations, the region is more accessible than ever before!

Baja California Sur

cabo sign on sunny day

Just the word “Baja” seems to invoke instant bliss, knowing that places like Los Cabos exist for us to escape to.

The southernmost point of Baja lies Mexico’s most luxurious beach destination, Los Cabos. Lined with picture-perfect resorts with all the all-inclusive amenities you could want, it simply doesn’t get much better.

And even as party-centric as Cabo can be, the mega-popular vacation spot remains safe for tourists.

Los Cabos is the biggest draw for southern Baja, but tranquil coastal cities like La Paz and delightful small beach towns like Todos Santos are making a name for themselves as well.


scenic coastline of puerto escondido

Oaxaca is a vastly cultural city and state of the same name, but the state’s beaches are where its natural beauty shines through.

Both the city and beaches are major hubs for digital nomads.

The coastal city of Puerto Escondido has soared in popularity with remote workers, which speaks volumes since digital nomads don’t exactly seek out unsafe places to call home.

The state of Oaxaca is stunning and you can’t go wrong visiting Puerto Escondido, Huatulco, or the smaller lesser-known gems dispersed along the coast.


Isla de Enmedio off the coast of veracruz mexico

Veracruz is a great example of why Mexico should be given more of a chance to prove mainstream news wrong.

In fact, it’s well on its way in doing so as the port city has surged in popularity. Despite some minor nuisances, Veracruz is very safe for tourists.

Tourists love exploring the centuries-old streets lined with colonial architecture, but Veracruz also has nice beaches within close reach.

Roughly 20 minutes away lies miles of sandy beaches along the Costa Esmerelda, including scenic islands to visit just off-shore.


nuevo nayarit coastline lined with beach resorts

The state of Nayarit is home to a 200-mile long stretch of coastline that has caught the attention of beach lovers.

As one of the trendiest destinations in Mexico this year, seemingly endless beaches are obviously a huge reason for that.

Safety plays a huge factor, too.

Although Puerto Vallarta is technically in the state of Jalisco, given its popularity and close distance to Nayarit, it’s fair to add this mega-popular beach city to the equation as one of the safest in Mexico.

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