These Are The Secret Off The Beaten Path Tours In New York That Even Locals Love

If you’ve ever been to New York City before, chances are you’ve visited top spots like the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and Central Park. While many top attractions are well worth a visit, there is so much more to explore.

New York City is massive, and you could spend a lifetime discovering the history, neighborhoods, food, and culture found around every corner.

But with so much to explore, many visitors don’t know where to turn once they’ve checked off all the top sights.

Luckily, seasoned NYC visitors, locals, and even first-time visitors have a great option to discover more off-the-beaten-path treasures within the city limits.

Founded by an NYC Local, the New York Adventure Club runs tours with something different to offer, and it has everyone buzzing.

Belvedere Castle in Central Park NYC

New York Adventures For Locals And Visitors

Regardless of background and interests, visitors are bound to find something exciting within New York Adventure Club’s extensive portfolio of over 100 tours.

The company runs 20 different excursions each week, and categories include food and drink tours, factory tours, theatre tours, and tours of mansions and private clubs. Some of the notable events include:

the streets and signs of Little Italy NYC
  • Secret Eats of Chinatown Food Crawl
  • Exploring Greenwich Village’s Music History: From Dylan to Springsteen
  • A visit to the Victorian Mansions and Japanese House in Prospect Park
  • Tours of the members-only New York Society Library
  • A behind-the-scenes tour of a 1920s mansion and its underground speakeasy
  • An “Around The World” food crawl in Astoria, Queens
  • After-hours tour of the world’s largest cathedral
St. John the Divine, World's Largest Cathedral in NYC

Some of the tours with the New York Adventure Club feature places you probably never knew existed.

For instance, did you know New York has an unofficial museum full of vintage tableware, or that you can visit a waterfront army fort in Queens that dates back to the 1800s?

Additionally, if you have a particular interest in one of NYC’s neighborhoods, there are tours that explore the history, culture, and secrets of each one.

How Much Are The Tours?

Each tour is priced differently. However, the majority last one hour and range between $32 – $35 per person.

The exception is food tours, which cost more but include food and last longer. Most are between 2-3 hours long, and prices range from $50 – $80.

All tickets can be purchased through the New York Adventure Club website and must be booked in advance.

Central Park NYC fountain with angels and reflection

Insider Access To NYC’s Best-Kept Secrets

The company aims to be more than just a provider of interesting tours. Instead, they are building a community of curious-minded people who are eager to learn more about New York City.

The New York Adventure Club is perfect for locals but also a great option for tourists who want a more authentic view of NYC. Additionally, it is a great option for solo travelers and can be a good way to meet fellow like-minded tourists.

NYC waterfront army fort

In addition to the in-person tours, New York Adventure Club also has other offerings. Visitors can join in on fun activities like team puzzle adventures, drum workshops, and tea ceremonies.

There are also regular virtual events that are accessible to any New York enthusiast, and the company can organize private group events, perfect for a girl’s weekend or a get-together with friends.

New York City Skyline - NYC - NY - USA

Adventurous Beginnings

Founded by Corey William Schneider in 2013, the New York Adventure Club has really taken off. After moving to the city for a job in 2011, Schneider realized that after a full year of living there, he still knew nothing about the city.

So he began exploring and encouraged others to follow suit. The New York Adventure Club started as a Facebook group and has now grown into a full-fledged $ 1 million/year business with a massive following.

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