What are the top trending destinations for American travelers right now?

Here’s a look at the most popular international hotspots!

Based on data from Google Destination Insights, these are the places that have the most interest when it comes to flight and hotel bookings right now.

With many travelers booking last-minute spring escapes and others planning for big summer getaways, it’s no surprise that all the most popular destinations are in the Caribbean and Europe.

Here’s a look at the top five international destinations for American travelers:

5. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

beach hut on a pier in punta cana dominican republic

Punta Cana is one of the top destinations in the Caribbean and is currently breaking its all-time tourism records, and for good reason.

This island paradise in the Dominican Republic is known for its amazing beaches, fun atmosphere, and wide selection of all-inclusive resorts and hotels.

It’s the perfect destination for a relaxing, hassle-free vacation. It’s also one of the most affordable destinations in the Caribbean, with cheap flights from the U.S. and budget-friendly resorts.

4. Paris, France

aerial view of Eiffelo Tower, Paris, France

Another one of the most popular destinations for American travelers right now is Paris, France.

Paris is an amazing place to visit in the spring — I recommend April or May if you want to avoid the worst of the summer heat and tourist crowds.

This summer is also going to be a particularly bad time to visit Paris because of the Olympics. While it’s an exciting event, the Olympics are going to bring even crazier crowds and exorbitant prices to Paris this summer, with many hotels and Airbnbs doubling or even tripling their rates.

If you can’t make it to Paris this spring, I recommend waiting until the fall after the buzz of the Olympics has died down!

3. San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is another Caribbean destination that has been trending with American travelers and setting new tourism records lately.

Since it’s a territory of the United States, Americans don’t even need a passport to visit this beautiful island paradise.

San Juan is a great destination for a weekend getaway because it combines history and culture with great beaches, and you can find lots of cheap flights from the U.S. making it a breeze to get there.

2. Cancun, Mexico

aerial shot of cancun resorts

Cancun is a destination that just never seems to wane in popularity with American travelers.

Located on the Caribbean coast of Mexico, Cancun is a major international hotspot. It’s easy for American travelers to get to, with tons of nonstop flights from U.S. cities, and it has a great travel infrastructure that makes for an easy, relaxed vacation.

There are tons of all-inclusive resorts and hotels in and around Cancun, and Cancun has some of the best beaches in Mexico.

It’s also popular because there are so many things to do nearby, like exploring the Chichen Itza ruins, visiting chilled-out Isla Mujeres, or hopping on the new Maya Train.

1. London, United Kingdom

London cityscape with Houses of Parliament and Big Ben tower at sunset, UK

Finally, London is the number one most popular destination abroad for American travelers right now.

Americans just can’t get enough of this iconic city. Spring and summer are both great times to visit London and explore its surroundings.

My top recommendation for a trip to the UK? Don’t just stay in London! You should definitely spend a few days exploring this city, but there’s so much more to the UK.

Some of my favorite destinations for easy day trips from London are Oxford and Canterbury. If you don’t mind renting a car, you can explore more of the countryside on a road trip — I especially love the Cotswolds and the Lake District!

Or head on up to Scotland and see even more of the UK that’s not just London.

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