Here we go! Finally, an insightful list without the same repeated destinations over and over.

We get it…travelers are heading to New York and Los Angeles, but with that comes a huge price tag that not everyone wants to spend.

As iconic as those destinations may be, forcing yourself to eat street hot dogs when you can enjoy filet mignon in a cheaper destination is an easy sell.

That’s where WalletHub comes in to help. According to their most recent study analyzing 100 of the most populated metro areas, these are the top 5 U.S. cities to visit this summer that won’t break the bank:

5) Tampa, Florida

Tampa Florida skyline

With the sunny stalwarts of Miami and Orlando stealing the spotlight, Tampa is often overlooked as a top Florida getaway.

That couldn’t be further from the truth in reality with incredible beaches nearby and a fun city on its own to enjoy the sunny summer weather.

Tampa scored highest in WalletHub’s study in terms of savings and less travel frustrations as there are plentiful flights and easy access around the region.

Make sure to check out some of the top-rated beaches in America, Clearwater and Siesta Key, which are both located nearby.

If crowds aren’t your jam, I can attest that Florida’s best kept secret an hour south of Tampa is well worth a visit.

4) Honolulu, Hawaii

Waikiki Beach in Honolulu

Hawaii used to be seen as an expensive vacation spot, but it’s now time for travelers to take advantage.

Since the Maui fires, there have been many discussions about how Hawaii should handle tourism.

Well, it seems vacationing here should boost the local economy, no? All the more reason to book a trip to America’s most far-flung paradise.

Honolulu scored number one overall in the nation for weather…duh! What may be a bit of a surprise is that the gorgeous city was placed second in the category of ‘Travel Costs & Hassles’.

Despite having to fly across the ocean, there are many flights to choose from and many flight sales at that.

3) Orlando, Florida

Downtown Orlando at dusk

You knew it was coming. There just had to be one iconic destination thrown into the mix. That being said, Orlando is no joke and deserves attention since one of the main draws is its value for travelers.

So much to do, so much to see, and sunny weather year-round makes Orlando not only a top domestic destination, but globally renowned.

Of course, a lot of this has to do with grown-ups dressing like mice, ducks, and princesses in this little known place called Disney World. Surely you’ve never heard of it…

As popular as the mecca of theme parks may be, Orlando is a fun city with great eats, plentiful shopping, and buzzing nightlife scene.

One of America’s most visited cities scored highest in attractions, obviously, and finished in the top 25 under ‘Travel Costs & Hassles’.

2) Washington DC

Multi-colored sunset over Capitol

One of the most recognizable cities in America, it is also one of the most affordable cities this summer.

Sometimes overshadowed by New York City as a top East Coast destination, museums and cultural sites go toe-to-toe with the ‘Big Apple’.

Summer is a great time to visit not only DC proper, but the surrounding area like the underrated neighboring city of Arlington, VA.

Not only is DC a place of historical importance, it’s a modern day bustling city easy to navigate and quite underrated for its continuously thriving food scene.

DC placed 15th in both the ‘Travel Costs & Hassles’ and ‘Attractions’.

1) Atlanta, Georgia

Piedmont Park in Downtown Atlanta

Atlanta doesn’t get enough credit. Even smaller cities in Georgia can overshadow this trendy southern city.

There are many cultural cities across the South that have become more popular with travelers. Heck, even San Antonio and El Paso broke all-time tourism records.

Yet, somehow, the ATL flies under the radar. Perhaps this summer is time for that to change as Atlanta has now been crowned the top summer destination.

Enjoy phenomenal food, a booming underground music scene, and close access to beautiful nature destinations.

Even though it’s tucked away to the East, Atlanta is super easy to reach and anchored by one of Americans’ favorite airlines, Delta, which is why the city placed 7th in ‘Travel Costs & Hassles’.

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