With 80+ million travelers flocking to Spain every single year, hotspots like Madrid, Barcelona, or Palma de Mallorca have officially become overcrowded.

So much so that locals across the country have started protesting against this massive wave of visitors.

Locals aren’t the only ones affected by mass tourism, though.

Prices throughout the country have skyrocketed for travelers, too, making that dreamy Spanish getaway feel more out of reach than ever.

Luckily for those set on crossing the sunny European country off of their bucket list this year, though, there are still a couple of well-hidden gems that promise the same jaw-dropping views as their better-known neighbors at a fraction of the price.

At least what the team over at Bounce discovered in their newest study on Spain’s cheapest city breaks, where Cadiz was crowned the winner.

How Much Can You Expect To Spend In Cadiz?

OK, so we know Cadiz is Spain’s most affordable destination, but how much can the average traveler expect to spend in a day?

View of Cadiz, Spain

Let’s start with accommodation.

Most mid-range hotels hover around the $60-$100 mark, so we’ll take an average of $80 a night.

Food is pretty reasonably, priced, too, with most quick meals costing around $12 per person – assuming you’ll have three meals a day and leaving a bit of leeway for an extra salad or appetizer, we’ll set a $50 aside for food and drinks.

Waiter offering shrimp pancakes, Cadiz, Spain

Now, since you’ve come all the way to Spain, you probably want to see an attraction or two – luckily for you, most landmarks in Cadiz are either free or very cheap (entry to Catedral de la Santa Cruz de Cádiz, for example, is $8), so at most, you’ll spend around $10 on sightseeing.

As far as getting around the city is concerned, it is a pretty small city (13.3 km² or 5.1 mi²), so chances are you’ll be walking most of the time.

Even if you need to go somewhere by bus, a round-trip ticket costs less than $2.5.

If you’re too tired to do the math, all that adds up to a grand total of $142.5 a day (and that’s being generous) – not bad at all for a dreamy Spanish getaway!

Beach in Cadiz, Spain

Home To Some Of Spain’s Most Gorgeous Sights

I know what you’re thinking – sure, Cadiz is cheap, but is it actually worth it?

The answer is a resounding “Yes!”.

Beyond the authentic charm that’s been long lost on bigger hotspots, Cadiz also boasts some of the most gorgeous sights in all of Spain.

Cathedral of Cadiz, Spain

Between all the pristine beaches, ancient old town, stunning Cadiz Cathedral, enchanting Parque Genovés, and iconic Torre Tavira, there are just so many unbelievable views to take in and things to do that you’ll never feel bored in the city.

Dreamy Weather

I’ve got good news for all of you sun lovers out there – Cadiz has that typical Mediterranean weather that has made Spain so irresistible in the first place.

With well over 300 days of sunshine per year and temperatures that range between 25°C and 30°C (77°F to 86°F), it’s easy to see why locals flock to the city for that ultimate summer retreat.

Sunny day in Cadiz, Spain

So only pack your lightest, most breathable clothes and save that extra luggage space for knick-knacks and souvenirs.

Escape The Barcelona Crowds

When I mentioned that tourism to most Spanish hotspots has gone so overboard that locals are protesting against it, I wasn’t kidding.

But the Spanish aren’t the only ones growing tired of the overcrowded streets and sky-high prices, which is why lesser-known hubs like Cadiz are the perfect escape for those who don’t want to feel suffocated during what’s supposed to be a chill European getaway.

Crowded beach in Barcelona

With its authentic charm and relaxing small-town vibe, there’s no better place than here to leave the stresses of day-to-day life behind and soak in that Spanish sun.

Incredible Food

This one, you might’ve expected.

True to Spanish fashion, the food in Cadiz is unbelievable, so head over to the bustling Mercado Central de Abasto to try for yourself the local olives, cheeses, and cured meats – I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

Whatever you eat, though, don’t forget to wash it down with a glass of sherry, the region’s iconic fortified white wine.

Woman serving wine and cheeses

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