When it comes to travelers scoping out awesome trips in Latin America, there are so many amazing countries to choose from.

Expanding across North America, the Caribbean and South America, you have iconic cities, world-renowned beaches, and historic ruins at your fingertips.

That being said, one lesser-known country tends to fly under the radar unless you’re an adventurous backpacker going against the grain.

While Costa Rica and El Salvador tend to highlight Central America, one of their neighbors is falsely deemed a danger zone for travelers.

Safety is one of the most fickle topics to report on in travel as there are bad apples everywhere who can drag a destination’s reputation into the dirt.

Home to fascinating ruins and stunning islands, Honduras is a misunderstood destination well worth a visit.

An Affordable Country Filled With Wonder

Travelers may feel the need to learn Spanish when traveling abroad to Central America, and sometimes that’s the case.

Honduras flag flying over Tegucigalpa

Belize is the only English-speaking country in the region, yet American travelers will appreciate one unique aspect of Honduras.

That is U.S. dollars are widely accepted, even though the Lempira is the official currency.

Despite using George Washingtons and Abe Lincolns, travelers don’t need to worry about plowing through their travel budget.

Transportation can be expensive, but all other facets of your trip won’t break the bank, including luxurious hotels in major cities and the gorgeous island of Roatan, along with cozy boutique hotels and rentals near historic ruins.

Bright red building and cobbled streets of Copan, Honduras

Where To Keep Your Head On A Swivel

Honduras is extremely diverse, making it enticing to explore, yet many travelers are hesitant to come here because of its sketchy reputation.

Unless you’re arriving by cruise, odds are you will land in either San Pedro Sula or the country’s newest international airport (XPL) outside of Tegucigalpa, the nation’s two largest cities.

With large cities, unfortunately, comes increased crime rates, and it’s no different in Honduras.

In fact, this is where tourists are most likely to find themselves victims of crime, along with the Gracias a Dios Department, which is listed in the U.S. State Department’s ‘Level 3‘ designation for Honduras.

Turquoise waters of Roatan

In all likelihood, you wouldn’t visit this region at all as it’s tucked away from any major attractions.

The other 2 cities, on the other hand, can be navigated safely if you plan it out right. First and foremost, reliable transportation is a must.

If there is one thing U.S. travelers love to use, it’s Uber, which is available in both major cities to take you to an affordable high-end hotel as a safe haven, like Hyatt’s, Hilton’s, and Marriott’s.

From here, the best way to explore Honduras is to make your way to either the island of Roatan or the captivating Department of Copan, home to well-preserved Mayan ruins and picturesque villages.

Roatan: Honduras’s Underrated Paradise

I heart Roatan sign on beach

Roatan is commonly visited on cruise routes, given how travelers never have to touch down on Honduras’s mainland.

You can fly directly into Roatan or take the adventurous route from San Pedro Sula to experience more of Honduras and take a ferry from La Ceiba.

This Caribbean island is often overshadowed since “Honduras” can be a trigger word to avoid the area, but if there’s anywhere you will feel 100% safe, it’s Roatan.

The top dog out of Honduras’s 99 islands, this one is most equipped for vacationers with Utila as a runner-up.

Blue water of Roatan

Lined with vacation rentals, boutique hotels, and of course, all-inclusive resorts, Roatan is one of the most underrated vacation destinations in the Caribbean.

It’s not only the picture-perfect blue waters that are a draw; don’t skip fun wildlife tours in the jungle, such as sloth and monkey sanctuaries.

Copan: Honduras’s Hidden Gem Packed With History

Another safe destination in Honduras is Copan, but on the opposite end of the spectrum compared to Roatan.

No islands or fancy resorts, but still a draw nonetheless with incredible Mayan ruins, charming villages, and cheap stays as low as $15.

Wild parrot at Mayan ruins site in Honduras

Away from the bustling cities of Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, this is the quieter side of the country to enjoy natural landscapes, jam-packed historical sites, and delightful cobbled streets for a sense of real Honduras.

The Mayan ruins are undoubtedly the top attraction and are quite well-preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Some experts go as far to claim Copan as the ‘Paris of the Mayan world’.

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