Southeast Asia never ceases to amaze travelers with its endless wonders. No matter the country, this region of the world is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful.

Beyond gorgeous sites, travelers often find themselves exploring, leaning toward the cultural side of the spectrum, indulging in phenomenal food, and visiting historical sights and places that simply aren’t available back home.

To no surprise, one country stands out the most and packs a punch for every type of traveler, offering everything from countryside elephant sanctuaries to otherworldly beaches and bustling cities to explore.

Thailand is a year-round playground and was just named the best country in the world to visit.

Who Doesn’t Love Bangkok?

Forget The Hangover Part II, a very poor representation of Bangkok.

The facts are the facts and the numbers show this incredible city is one of Americans’ favorite summer destinations.

But even then we are cutting Bangkok short as really there is no bad time to visit. Always busy, always something exciting to do and new to see.

Skyline of Bangkok at night

Perhaps its biggest draw is its value. How much you can do on a budget is unbelievable, and that is why digital nomads love to make their base here.

From floating markets and jaw-dropping temples to unrivaled nightlife, there’s no clear-cut comparison to Bangkok.

And word to the wise – if you’re roaming the bustling streets and think someone is challenging you to ping pong, just know it’s probably not the game you’re looking for…

The Beaches Are Out Of This World

Boats on Maya Bay beach at Ko Phi Phi Leh Island

While it’s inarguably easier for many travelers to book a beach vacation in Mexico or the Caribbean, if you can squeeze it, Thailand is the place to be.

From stunning coastlines to even more eye-popping islands, travelers may have to splurge on airfare but can spend the rest of their trip in paradise on a budget.

Rarely do you hear of Thailand being too expensive and this notion flies for all the incredible beaches you visit too.

Right now, travelers have their sights set on the gorgeous island Koh Samui, the country’s trendiest beach escape.

Koh Samui Thailand

Then again, there are other islands and classic destinations like Phuket that never disappoint with laid-back beach vibes by day and a mecca for nightlife after sundown.

Experiences Like No Other

Chances are you have had Thai food even in the U.S., but that’s about as close as you can get without stepping foot in Thailand itself.

When was the last time you were able to ride through a ‘floating market’ back home? Never! It doesn’t exist.

This country offers some incredible experiences, not only from floating markets but also from famous night markets, which are spread all across the country.

Vendors at floating market in Thailand

Many travelers will fly into Bangkok as their gateway to Thailand, but this isn’t the only place to connect with the country’s culture.

Bangkok is great and all, but travelers love other cities like Chiang Mai, where travelers can explore stunning temples, busy markets, and you know you have to ride a tuk-tuk at least once.

And then there is the countryside, which can easily become overshadowed by the draw of the action-packed city life.

One of my favorite experiences I had in Thailand was visiting an elephant sanctuary where you can feed, wash, and play with these gentle giants living their best life after years of mistreatment.

Tourists bathing elephants at Thailand sanctuary

A Sensational World Renowned Foodie Destination

Visiting Thailand without trying new food is hard to fathom.

Of course, we’re not talking about the gimmicky, overhyped attraction of eating a cobra heart – that’s not exactly what the locals are serving up.

From the cheap $1 street noodles and fresh catches at local markets to high-end restaurants, your taste buds will surely explode with all the savory cuisine.

Food is often one of the best ways to quite literally get a taste of one’s culture and there’s not many more cultural destinations than Thailand.

Bangkok’s Chinatown district alone seems like its own world.

Food stalls at Thai night market

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