Endless crowds will flock to iconic hotspots all over the world this summer, but hidden gems still remain for those willing to give them a chance.

Digital nomads in particular travel far and wide in search of the perfect place to make their base, ranging from legendary cities to relatively unknown destinations.

One tiny country sandwiched between France and Spain was named as one of the best for digital nomads, especially with a new visa implemented this year.

Andorra: A Mountainous Haven For Digital Nomads

Andorra isn’t often discussed as a top getaway, but it’s actually becoming more popular.

Aerial view of Andorra cityscape and mountains

Seeing as much as a 31% increase in tourism, this is partly due to the overlooked country making a name for itself in the digital nomad world.

You can’t blame travelers for skipping it, as it’s quite literally a blip in the vast continent of Europe.

But, if there’s one thing Andorra has going for it in 2024 it’s proving size doesn’t matter after all.

The pint-sized nation’s location is both blessed and cursed.

On the one hand, it’s great because it’s nestled among stunning mountains and charming, old-timey villages.

Statue at scenic viewpoint in Andorra

On the other hand, it’s set between 2 of Europe’s most renowned countries, so no wonder nobody seems to know about it!

Digital nomads are changing that slowly but surely, however. There is so much to love about staying here long-term.

Benefits For Digital Nomads In Andorra

There seems to be something about small destinations that attract penny-pinching travelers.

Taking a page out of one of America’s smallest states, Andorra follows in Delaware’s footsteps as a a place to stretch your budget as it’s tax-free.

Female digital nomad with coffee and laptop

And if there’s ever a type of traveler who puts budgeting first, it’s digital nomads, and Andorra fits the bill.

According to a study by VisaGuide, one of Europe’s smallest countries ranks among the best for cost of living.

Finding an apartment won’t break the bank and neither will shopping in such places like Vivand, home to nearly 200 shops to score great tax-free deals.

Internet speeds are reliable too, so you can savor the flavor of European coffee at a local cafe without having to worry about saving those extra few bucks.

Sidewalks cafes on historic street in Andorra

Plus, with the historic center of La Vella being as small as it is, walking is obviously free and one of the best ways to get around.

As anyone who has been to Europe knows, walking the historic streets is the best way to immerse yourself anyway, rather than zooming by and missing hidden gems you may not discover on the road.

Andorra’s New Digital Nomad Visa

Andorra’s digital nomad visa has been in the works for years, but you know, world pandemics and things of that nature can get in the way.

Historic architecture among scenic mountains in Andorra

Now that those dark times are in the rearview mirror, these plans have become official – 2024 is the year digital nomads can take advantage of staying here for up to 2 years.

Whenever a new digital nomad visa is launched, travelers rightfully ask, “what’s the catch?”, as there is oftentimes fine print that can be off-putting.

In Andorra’s case, what digital nomads should know first and foremost is there is a limit on how many official digital nomads can be in the country at one time.

Obviously, this is slippery. Sure, you can cross into the country from, say, France or Spain with a laptop in hand, but if you go through the visa process, you will be counted as one of the 50 allowed in at once.

Bright Andorra sign in city center

In other words, if Andorra is your go-to spot, don’t hesitate! As such a gorgeous, safe destination, it’s worth a try.

If granted by the Ministry of the Economy, you’ll have the opportunity to experience every season.

As one of the most underrated winter wonderlands in all of Europe, the small nation transforms into the perfect place for a white Christmas hence the influx of tourists who come to ski the glorious mountains.

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