Trying to plan a European summer getaway but don’t know where to go?

You’re not alone.

As travel gets pricier and once-adored destinations turn into overcrowded tourist traps, finding that perfect place to spend your long-awaited summer break goes well beyond googling “where to go this season.”

It’s a process that requires time, effort, and dedication, at least if you want to get your money’s worth.

But what if you simply don’t have the energy for all that?

That’s when relying on current trends can come in handy.

Other avid travelers, probably looking for the same types of experiences as you, have already done their due diligence and chosen 10 European cities as the best places to visit this summer, at least according to the latest report by Bounce.

Wawel Castle

The luggage storage company analyzed shifts in Google searches from the last three months of 2023 and found the European hubs that will experience the biggest growth in popularity this summer.

Before we dive into the top 5, though, let’s take a look at the places that were ranked 6th to 10th:

  1. Budapest
  2. Lisbon
  3. Milan
  4. Copenhagen
  5. Barcelona

Now let’s discover the absolute trendiest places to be this summer:

5. Prague

Summer day in Prague

The enduring popularity of the Czech capital never ceases to amaze travelers (me included).

Historically loved for its iconic Gothic and Baroque buildings and otherworldly vibe, Prague continues to be at the heights of its popularity thanks to the welcoming atmosphere it promises solo travelers.

Not only is this one of the safest cities in the entire continent, but a hearty meal for one at a local restaurant will rarely set you back more than $10 – talk about a value deal!

While Prague isn’t exactly your typical summer hub, the mild weather and endless sightseeing opportunities are perfect for those tired of run-of-the-mill beach holidays.

4. Vienna

Vienna, Austria -Hofburg Palace and horse carriage on sunny Vienna city summer street. Hofburg royal palace is Austrian imperial family residence and popular tourists attraction

Prague’s proud neighbor, Vienna, has always been known as one of Europe’s most elegant and gobsmackingly gorgeous cities.

I happened to visit the two capitals on the same trip a few years back, and I can’t recommend the experience enough.

Vienna and Prague, while still very distinctive, share a similar style and old-timey charm that makes traveling between them a seamless, well-rounded experience.

And while there are plenty of ways to go back and forth between the two cities, I’d recommend taking the train – it’s cheap (~17$), fast (~3.5 hours), comfortable, and will perfectly round up your European experience.

3. Dublin

Street in Dublin

The first city to make it to the podium is the stunning Irish capital.

And don’t let Dublin’s cooler weather distract you from the fact that its streets buzz with energy during the summer months.

Going on a long sightseeing tour that includes Trinity College and Dublin Castle, enjoying a locally crafted beer at a traditional Irish pub, or simply sitting at one of the outdoor cafes that spill onto the sidewalk and people-watching can prove to be just as enjoyable as a long sunbathing session.

2. Seville

Seville, Spain

Moving on to a more traditionally summery hotspot, Seville is expecting a whopping 58.7% increase in traveler interest this summer.

So, what gives?

Well, other than the fact that the Andalusian gem has been named one of the best sunny destinations to visit and the next big digital nomad destination – both in these past few months – it’s also being sought-after for its iconic Moorish architecture, sun-drenched plazas, and amazing events schedule (remember, Feria de Abril is just around the corner!).

1. Krakow

Krakow - Wawel castle during the day

Searches for the once-overlooked Polish gem have surged by an unbelievable – brace yourself- 310.3%.

Yes, you read that right.

Considering just how little most travelers knew about Krakow just a couple of years back, its growing reputation as one of the best budget-friendly destinations to visit in the entire world is nothing short of remarkable (though, frankly, long overdue).

Known for being Poland’s cultural capital, Krakow promises visitors a potpourri of fairytale-like sights and experiences, best represented by the city’s Old Town, iconic Wawel Castle, and nearby Wieliczka Salt Mine.

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