Top 7 Beaches In The Gulf Of Mexico

Top 7 Beaches In The Gulf Of Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico, like its Caribbean Sea neighbor, is a region of the Atlantic Ocean that is almost surrounded by the American continent and islands. Often referred to as the American Mediterranean, travelers flock to these beautiful beaches with warmer waters and quartz-like sand in Mexico. Covering the states of Tamaulipas, Veracruz, Campeche, and Yucatan, here is a list of the best Mexican beaches in the Gulf of Mexico.

Miramar Beach – Tamaulipas

In the town of Ciudad Madero, you will find one of the most beautiful and famous beaches in the Gulf of Mexico, with over 6 miles of fine sand, warm waters, and calm waves. It is an easily accessible beach that you can reach driving or by public transport. Driving along the Boulevard Costero, you will reach Miramar beach, where you will find lodgings, restaurants, rental of lounge chairs, bicycles, ATVs, toilets, parking, and a camping area. The commercial premises and hotels are on the banks of the avenue. On the boardwalk “Las Escolleras,” you will see the monument in honor of the crew of the oil tankers sunk during the Second World War. You will also spot many of the dolphins swimming through the Gulf of Mexico.

Costa Esmeralda – Veracruz

Costa Esmeralda is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Gulf of Mexico. A quiet environment of soft sand and waters with green tones where you can go fishing. Located on the northern side of Veracruz, it’s a 25-mile strip with five beaches with hotels and restaurants that fit any budget. A place to ride in kayaks, horses, banana boats, jet skis, ATVs, and at the same time, enjoy the scenery, relax and experience one of the many traditional seafood dishes of this region. The five Mexican beaches that are located in Costa Esmeralda are Playa Monte Gordo,  Playa Oriente, Playa La Vigueta, Playa Ricardo Flores Magón  and Playa La Guadalupe.

Caracol Beach – Campeche

This Campechana beach of beautiful landscapes comprises mangroves, blue waters, and gentle waves from the Terminos Lagoon, the largest tidal lagoon in the gulf. There are palm trees, palapas, water sports, a pier for boats, restaurants, and large hotel chains on the coast. The natural scenery, especially in the sunset, is quite a spectacle. If you’re on a family trip, you can rent water bikes, surf, and sailing. Playa Caracol is towards the southern end of Ciudad del Carmen, surrounded by Aguada Island and Carmen Island.

Playa Norte – Campeche

This white, soft sand beach has palapas, dressing rooms, lifeguards, banana boat rides, jet skis, kayaks, sailboats, and parachutes. Although it still lacks greater tourist infrastructure, Playa Norte is still a charming spot, which also has a beautiful boardwalk from where you can see beautiful sunsets or go running. On the coast, several food stalls offer dishes of the national cuisine at fair prices. Near the sandy area, there is a zoo, sports courts, and playgrounds.

Sisal Beach – Yucatan

This beach in Yucatan, Mexico, is ideal for enjoying with the family. It has extensive biodiversity and a pier where you can enjoy the pleasant sea breeze. On Sisal beach, you can witness how migratory birds, among which the Canadian duck stands out, enjoy the warmth of these waters part of the Gulf of Mexico. The place has restaurants and lodgings for all tastes and budgets. Its palapas on the shore of the beach are always filled with visitors.

Celestun Beach – Yucatan

Celestun is now one of the most important ports in Yucatan. This beach, 65 miles from the city of Merida, is a coastal area with an estuary in which many species such as pink flamingos live. You can go kayaking in the mangroves of Dzinitún, a spot protected by hosting birds that breed there and come from various parts, such as the Canadian ducks that travel from March to December. You can take boat rides through the estuary from the pier or on the shore of the beach; in the latter case, fishermen offer the service. There is also an excellent gastronomic offer. If you travel in groups, several travel agencies organize tours from Merida or take public transport. The journey takes an hour and a half.

Las Coloradas – Yucatan

The pink and turquoise sea of Las Coloradas has large amounts of salt, so it is not suitable for swimming. However, it is a place with beautiful landscapes that are well worth photographing. You will be able to see the confluence of the tonality of the waters, the arid vegetation, the salt flats, and the factory that processes them. The pink flamingos can be seen between April and May. It is a private beach that you can visit for 50 Mexican pesos ($2.50 USD). The guides will give you an explanation about the salt flats and species such as pink flamingos and horseshoe crab. From the city of Merida, Playa del Carmen, Cancun, and Valladolid, you will find public transport and travel agencies that offer tours of Las Coloradas and the Lagartos River.

These stunning beaches in Mexico should be on any traveler’s radar. So plan your next trip to these incredible gulf shores with year-round sunshine and enjoy.

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