Top 7 Trending Destinations In The Caribbean This Year

Are you dreaming of a Caribbean getaway this year?

Here are the hottest destinations in the Caribbean that are trending with travelers this year, according to data from ForwardKeys, a travel analysis company.

These trending destinations were determined by comparing tourist arrival statistics from 2023 with those of 2019. While some destinations in the Caribbean have been slow to bounce back from harsh travel restrictions implemented in 2020, these trending destinations have fully recovered.

Check out these Caribbean destinations experiencing the most growth in 2023:

1. U.S. Virgin Islands

Coming in at the top of the list is the U.S. Virgin Islands. This destination has experienced an impressive 23% growth in 2023 compared to 2019.

Known for its gorgeous beaches, the U.S. Virgin Islands is made up of three main islands: St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas. American travelers can visit this island paradise without a passport.

US Virgin Islands

2. Turks And Caicos

Turks and Caicos is a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean that has been growing in popularity thanks to its beautiful beaches (regularly named the best in the world) and great snorkeling and scuba diving.

This destination just recently dropped all travel restrictions (a vaccine requirement was still in place long after the rest of the Caribbean dropped it) so it’s likely that Turks and Caicos will only continue to grow in popularity this year.

Looking out at the Atlantic Ocean from Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

3. Sint Maarten

Having experienced 14% growth in tourism since 2019, Sint Maarten is next on this list of trending destinations in the Caribbean.

Sint Maarten is a constituent country of the Netherlands that is known for its colorful Dutch Caribbean capital Philipsburg, great beaches, and shopping, dining, and nightlife.

St. Maarten Beach

4. Guadeloupe

Although it’s experiencing a lot of growth right now, Guadeloupe is still one of the more underrated destinations in the Caribbean for American travelers.

This butterfly-shaped island territory in the Caribbean is part of France, and you’ll be able to see that reflected in the cuisine, culture, and language of Guadeloupe.

Guadeloupe, known for its beautiful beaches and mountainous and volcanic terrain, is the perfect destination for adventurous travelers who are interested in hiking, sailing, and swimming.


5. Jamaica

Jamaica has always been a popular getaway known for being one of the most affordable islands in the Caribbean for a tropical vacation.

This island nation’s popularity only continues to grow, with a 13% increase in tourism so far in 2023 compared to 2019.

Visitors to Jamaica are attracted to the country’s unbelievable beaches, variety of resorts, and laid-back atmosphere.

Doctors cave beach montego bay jamaica

6. Dominican Republic

Another budget-friendly destination in the Caribbean is the Dominican Republic. This country is easily accessible, with many affordable flights and resorts around the island.

Not only is the Dominican Republic known for its gorgeous beaches and all-inclusive resorts, but it’s also a destination with so much to offer when it comes to history, culture, and food.

Santo Domingo is one of the best cities in the Caribbean to visit for travelers interested in cultural experiences.

Dominican Republic Beach

7. Curacao

Part of the ABC Islands, along with Aruba and Bonaire, Curacao is making a name for itself as one of the top trending destinations in the Caribbean this year, with 11% growth in tourism.

This Dutch Caribbean island is known for being a year-round destination (as it’s not impacted by hurricane season) with great scuba diving and beaches.

Caribbean Beach Curacao

Other Trending Destinations In The Caribbean

Although they didn’t quite make the cut for the top seven hottest destinations in the Caribbean this year, the following islands are still on the radar.

Each of these destinations has experienced 10% growth in tourism in 2023 compared to 2019:

  • Martinique
  • Puerto Rico
  • Aruba

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