Top five most expensive countries to obtain a student visa

From international experience added to your CV to expanding your worldview, studying in a different country can have a positive impact on your personal and professional growth. But it’s important to take into account all costs before packing! William Russell have researched student visas across the world to reveal the most ( & least) expensive countries to obtain a student visa:

At $452, Australia charges the MOST for a student visa, and the US comes in second!

The 5 Most Expensive Student Visas

Rank Country Average Student Visa Fee 
1 Australia $452.00
2 United States $159.13
3 Chile $84.97
4 Canada $84.92
5 Colombia $66.67


  • Australia has the most expensive student visa, at $452. Australian student visas allow you to live, work and study in the country for a maximum of five years, in line with your chosen course.
  • The United States has the second most expensive student visa, with an average fee of $159. The type of school you will be attending and your course of study will determine which type of visa you will need.
  • The country with the third highest student visa costs is Chile, with an average fee of $85.

Further insights:

  • The country charging the least for a student visa is Mexico, with an average fee of $36.
  • The United States charges the most for a tourist visa at an average fee of $127.
  • Colombia has the most expensive work visa, with an average fee of $297.

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