Traveling Europe by train is at the top of many travelers’ bucket lists.

From epic coastal trips from one iconic city to another and even winter wonderlands to hop around Christmas markets, seeing Europe the old-fashioned way just can’t be beaten.

That being said, a new route connecting 2 popular European cities is more about convenience and saving time more so than taking a thrilling tide through some of Europe’s top sites.

The latest high-speed train in Europe was just announced to launch by year’s end, sending traveling from Brussels to Amsterdam, or vice versa, in record time.

New Trains, Less Stops, And Faster Service

Belgium and The Netherlands are neighboring countries where it’s not difficult at all to go from one popular city to the next.

Brussels train station

In this case, Brussels is definitely the most popular city in Belgium, and despite Amsterdam being a bit grumpy with tourists this year, you can’t knock how cool it is to visit.

Travelers wanting to visit both destinations during their European escapades will soon have a lightning-fast option.

There is already a train (Benelux) connecting this dynamic duo, but more stops equals more time wasted for travelers.

The new line is trimming the fat by removing stops more common for daily commuters, rather than tourists.

Amsterdam train station

Stops at Brussels-North, Brussels-Central and Amsterdam-Central will no longer be on the docket and will be replaced by only stopping at Brussels-South, Antwerp-Central, Rotterdam-Central and Amsterdam Schipol.

By doing so, around 40 minutes are shaved off your trip and brings your total ride to just 45 minutes total!

Travelers will be able to ride on brand new trains that are being advertised with capabilities of reaching speeds of 125 mph.

There is one caveat, however. There is full support backing the new high-speed train, but there is an expected review of dropping certain stops before officially launching.

Female train passenger

Why Visit Brussels?

We probably all know Brussels is the capital of Belgium, but for some reason, it is often seen as an afterthought compared to Europe’s stalwarts—Paris, London, and Barcelona, to name a few.

Brussels will flat-out rock your socks off, so it’s a bit of a surprise it’s not in the same conversation.

Like Paris and all the others, Brussels is easily reachable from the U.S. with nonstop flights from multiple American hubs via Belgium’s flagship airline, Brussels Airlines.

Jam-packed with cultural sites, stunning architecture, and an underrated foodie scene, this city packs a punch and you may find it to be a bit less crowded than other major cities.

The Mont des Arts of Brussels

Beyond stuffing your face with Belgian waffles, visiting incomparable destinations like the Atomium is a must, along with stunning palaces and scenic city parks.

Plus, Brussels makes for a great gateway to other incredible cities, like Bruges, which oddly enough is the perfect alternative to Amsterdam with its picturesque canals.

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not…

We just can’t figure Amsterdam out.

Taking on the persona of a modern-day ‘Karen’, Amsterdam has been quite moody in terms of welcoming tourists into their world-renowned city.

Couple visiting Amsterdam canal

Their famous red lights have taken on a new meaning as if to say stop coming here.

Over-tourism is definitely real, but when your culture welcomes a party atmosphere, doesn’t it seem counter-intuitive to ween out the party crowd?

Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most unique cities, especially given their bicycle-friendly culture and geographical placement of their always popular canals.

People will always want to visit, but it remains to be seen if Amsterdam will become more tourist-friendly again since they have continuously launched campaigns asking tourists to stay home or go somewhere else.

Tulips along historic buildings of Amsterdam

The new high-speed train from Brussels is expected to launch in December 2024. Since the last stop is Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, that may be the only way you want to visit this year.

The Netherlands is an awesome country home to numerous similar cities to Amsterdam without the crowds and no off-putting tourist restrictions, such as Utrecht and Dordrecht.

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