With flight and accommodation prices rising daily, more and more travelers are choosing to keep their summer getaways domestic.

If you, too, have been contemplating exploring the gorgeous U.S. coastline this upcoming season, this sunny California city that’s currently breaking tourism records might be the perfect choice for you.

The latest reports released by Los Angeles Business Journal show that air traffic to Long Beach, one of the state’s most gorgeous warm-weather hubs, has officially reached its all-time high, welcoming 1.42 million passengers this past March alone – a remarkable 20% increase from the same time last year.

In the past 100+ years, the airport has served the stunning Californian city.

This number has never been dreamed of, let alone reached.

So, why are travelers flocking to Long Beach like never before, and, more importantly, why should you, too, consider adding it to your travel bucket list this summer?

It’s Never Been Easier (Or Cheaper) To Fly To Long Beach

The announcement made by the airport’s director, Cynthia Guidry, on the newly reached milestone singled out increased connectivity as the No. 1 reason behind Long Beach’s tourism success.

Aerial view of Long Beach

Take Southwest Airlines, for example.

The nation’s biggest low-cost carrier (and one of the most popular overall), added 10 new flights to the Californian gem this past year, an impressive 25% increase from the number of operating routes up until that point.

More routes translate to lower prices, too.

People on a beach in Long Beach, California

This June, round-trip tickets between most U.S. hubs and Long Beach will start at a little under $190 – try traveling abroad to similarly gorgeous destinations for that much.

Besides newer, affordable flights bringing more people into the city, the airport itself has been a major contributor to its surge in popularity, as well.

Aerial view of the 405 freeway and Long Beach Airport

The new ticketing lobby along with the many state-of-the-art amenities introduced to Long Beach Airport these past couple of years have made the travel experience that much easier, which we all know is something that can very much affect our destination choices.

The Perfect Beachy Getaway

You don’t just go somewhere because it’s cheap and reachable, though.

Especially when it comes to a summer getaway, which, for many, is the biggest, most important vacation of the year, it’s extra important to make sure you’re going somewhere you’ll love.

Long Beach, California

Luckily, that’s not hard to do with Long Beach.

Whether you’ll spend your days soaking in that Californian sun at Belmont Shore or Alamitos, exploring the Queen Mary, marveling at the 11,000+ species at the Aquarium of the Pacific, taking a harbor cruise, or strolling through the shoreline village, I can guarantee one thing – you’ll slowly but surely fall in love with this beachy gem.

Hyatt Regency Hotel, Long Beach

And with a dreamy Mediterranean-like climate that keeps temperatures within a 65°F-85°F (18°C-29°C) range, you won’t have to worry about dealing with that scorching summer heat, either.

It’s A Reasonably Priced Destination (Compared To The Rest Of California)

OK, so while Long Beach isn’t cheap by any means, it’s still far more reasonably priced than other Californian hubs of its caliber.

That’s because even though the beaches here are to die for, the city’s coastline isn’t as famous as, say, San Diego’sLos Angeles’, or Santa Barbara’s.

Crashing waves on a San Diego beach

Long Beach is mostly known as a port city instead, and it doesn’t immediately show up on people’s radars when they’re flocking to the state’s coastline – this translates to fewer crowds and lower prices (almost 20% lower than the cities mentioned above, to be exact).

It’s a win-win!

So Much To Do

If you’re coming to California, though, chances are you’re still looking for that high-energy atmosphere and long, fun-filled nights, so does Long Beach live up to the reputation of its better-known neighbors?

Long Beach Airport

It most definitely does!

With a couple of dozen new restaurants opening in the city this year alone and an event-filled calendar complete with night markets, bird walks, concerts, and live shows, you’re guaranteed the holiday of a lifetime in Long Beach.

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