While London is certainly the most recognizable city in the U.K., there is so much more to explore in this fascinating country.

We’ve surely all dreamt of trying to make the stoic Royal Guard crack a smile and exploring London’s streets on a bright red double-decker bus.

But it’s train travel that has become very trendy with new train routes and cheap passes being launched seemingly every month and the U.K. is no different.

Away from London are some of the cheapest cities in the nation, and they will soon be easier to reach in decades.

historic train line is being given new life once again this summer after being shut down since 1964.

An Expensive Project Ready To Showcase Northeastern England’s Gems

England has agreed to a massive undertaking after some back-and-forth political ping-pong. A decades-old train line is being CPR 60 years late, but better late than never.

Passengers awaiting train in U.K.

While London is easy to get around by train, the U.K. isn’t exactly known as a train destination compared to other European countries like Germany and France, for example.

That is set to change this summer as Brits want to showcase the Northeastern side of their beautiful country and take some of the shine away from their beloved iconic city of London.

Don’t worry – you’ll still be able to indulge in fish and chips, grab a pint, and check out some awesome sites along the way.

At a whopping cost of around 200 million dollars, this revamped train line is slated to begin operations this summer with 6 new stations in total on the docket for travelers ready to hit the rails.

Train travelers at Newcastle station in U.K.

3 New Train Stations Slated For Summer Opening

London, the Cotswolds, and other major destinations can be quite costly to travelers, but the Northeast side of the U.K. is a lot more budget friendly.

Exploring the cheaper side of the country is a win-win for both travelers and the local economy.

While we wish we could report a real-life Hogwarts train with a 200 million dollar budget, that just isn’t in the cards.

But don’t let the Muggles get you down! This re-launched train line is still a thrill, with the 3 new stops slated for summer.

These 3 stations are expected to be operational in summer 2024:

  • Ashington
  • Newsham
  • Seaton Delaval

Unless you’ve been studying up in the U.K., these names probably don’t ring a bell. Newcastle, or more properly Newcastle upon Tyne, is certainly the most recognizable name in the region and instantly has you craving tea and crumpets, doesn’t it?

This city is the last stop and major connection for the new line, which takes off from Ashington, stops at Newsham, then Seaton Delaval, and ends the 35-minute trip at Newcastle Station.

Tyne Bridge over the river Tyne in Newcastle

3 More Stops In The Works

Travelers looking to explore this lesser-known side of the U.K. will only have access to half of the new project.

Turns out being shut down for 60 years takes a lot of time and sweat for a safe relaunch, so the other 3 stops will not be ready by this summer.

No official date has been announced, but Blyth Bebside, Bedlington and Northumberland Park will follow the other 3 stops at some point in the near future.

Twilight views of vast flowers blooms through Coquet Valley

While Newcastle is the anchor of the new line making it easier for both local commuters and tourists with a sense of adventure to easily reach, the entire Northumberland region is teeming with untapped potential.

Many appealing attractions are within close reach of the stations, so developers are hoping to lure in more travelers.

Top Attractions Of Northeastern England

If you thought Scotland was the place to be in the U.K. to go castle-hopping, then you should be introduced to the county of Northumberland.

Bamburgh Castle, North East Coast of England

Home to over 70 castles, you can skip the crowds at Buckingham Palace and explore this cheaper side of England instead.

Depending on the season, the U.K. is also quite an underrated beach destination. Northumberland has some beautiful beach towns you’ve never heard of before, like the 3,000-year-old coastal village of Bamburgh and the remote Farne Islands, where you can take a 2-hour Puffin spotting cruise for roughly $30.

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