Summertime is coming in hot and beaches far and wide are in high demand.

Oftentimes, Americans book a beach vacay in Mexico without skipping a beat, but many of us seek more adventure to make better use of our passports.

That’s where Europe comes in. Coast to coast and country to country, there’s perhaps no better place to hop around seeing some of the most scenic destinations on Earth.

From Spain to Portugal to Greece and France, you can’t go wrong booking an epic European vacation, sipping wine on a seaside patio, taking it all in.

But let’s not limit ourselves to only the household names of Europe.

One region surging in popularity over the past couple of years is the Black Sea and there is one cheap resort town making for the perfect summer beach getaway.

Romania’s Beautiful Coastline

If Romania’s beaches are in your plans, you’ve hit the jackpot.

This historical country offers far more than Dracula folklore, majestic mountains and the magic of Bucharest.

Beach canopies in Romania

As the Black Sea has become a trendy beach getaway for travelers across the globe, Romania still isn’t discussed enough as a premiere vacation spot for sun and sand.

Romania is a large country, but is only home to about 150 miles of coastline, which isn’t much compared to many of Europe’s top sunny getaways.

Beginning at the picturesque coastal town of Sulina, which borders Moldova, Romania’s shoreline is a sight to behold from here to Bulgaria.

Intermixed with isolated beaches and touristy hotspots, vacationers will have no trouble finding the right beach vibe.

Mamaia Beach

But, if there is one beach town that should highlight your trip it’s definitely Constanta, a cheap vacation spot lined with resorts and beautiful beaches.

Constanta: Romania’s Cheap Beach Paradise

There’s no denying Romania’s coast is pretty, but let’s not kid ourselves pretending it’s The Maldives.

While there are stretches of beautiful beaches boasting white sand and picture-perfect blue waters, don’t expect tropical island vibes with the powdery white sand you want to bottle up and take back home.

What you can expect is a fun, affordable beach vacation with cheap eats and local beer in a paradisal setting.

Beach resort in Constanta

The most popular area to visit is Mamaia, the most notable white-sand beach with buzzing beach bars and restaurants.

This is where you can kick back, relax, and splurge within budget, as local brews are under $2 and meals cost under $10.

You can’t even score a Big Mac at that price at McDonald’s anymore!

Mamaia is a mix of relaxing sunbathers and partyiers by day in the 75-degree summer weather, but the rowdy nightlife scene takes it to another level.

No matter your vacation style, booking a beach resort is a must here as it’s too good to pass up.

Crashing waves and ferris wheel in the distance - Constanta, Romania

Lake views on one side and the Black Sea on the other, views are amazing no matter where you book.

There are plenty of options ranging from $80 on the low end to around $300 on the high end, like the 4-star Hotel Bavaria Blu.

Packed With Charm And History: One Of Europe’s Oldest Cities

One could say Constanta puts the ‘Roman’ in “Romania”. This unsuspecting resort town isn’t just nice hotels, gorgeous beaches, and cheap beach bars.

No, this coastal gem is quite historic as it holds a mix of Roman, Ottoman, Bulgarian, and Byzantine influences, dating back to 600 BC.

Constanta sidewalk cafe

Unmissable along the edge of town, one of the most popular sites is actually an abandoned casino dating back to the early 1900’s.

Although sitting vacant, this is one of the most photogenic sites in town besides the beach itself.

Going beyond the waterfront, tourists will be surprised at how charming the city center is with sidewalk cafes, museums, and historical landmarks like the eye-popping Ovid Square.

Easily walkable through each district, but perhaps no more than Old Town. Some travelers say it’s reminiscent of a pint-size version of Dubrovnik but much, much cheaper, of course.

Sweeping view of Constanta

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