Why This Affordable Country Is Ideal For Solo Travelers 

Everyone is looking for something a little different when it comes to solo traveling. Maybe you want a beach getaway or want to switch things up with a city break.

Solo travel has grown substantially over the years, with more and more people jetting off on their own terms, with Hungary taking the spotlight in a recent ranking.

A landlocked country in Central Europe, you won’t find pristine beaches here. What you will find in Hungary are medieval castles, stunning architecture, and a welcoming travel community.

According to Bounce’s travel index of 2023, Hungary tied with Spain as a top destination for solo travelers worldwide: and for good reason!

Here’s why you should think about switching it up and head to Hungary for your next trip:

Boredom isn’t a Thing

With 23 Districts with different vibes, when I say there’s A LOT to do in Budapest, there’s a lot. Museums, thermal baths, food tours, boat trips, and shopping, there’s something for every traveler.

House of Terror, Holocaust Memorials, Museum of Fine Arts, and Budapest History Museum are just a few of the attractions you can enjoy in the city. Enjoy a blissful day riding along the Danube to experience the sites at night.

With over 136 thermal spas in the country, Hungary also offers a relaxing downside for solo travelers looking to indulge a little at an affordable price. Budapest even has a beer spa where you can soak in hops and pour your own pints!

There’s also a variety of day trips & quaint mountain villages to visit if you’d prefer a more relaxing stay.

budapest city views

Friends Come Easy

With its famed ruin bars and buzzing Jewish District, Budapest especially attracts hordes of solo travelers throughout the year. An abundance of hostels throughout the city organize bar crawls in the city, where you’ll definitely meet a friend or two.

If hostels aren’t for you, it’s still very possible to meet fellow travelers and locals here. With a welcoming mindset amongst the locals, you’re always bound to have a good time in the city. Sit at any of the ruin bars or outdoor food markets and start chatting!

Tourist in the old town of Szentendre, Hungary

Cheap and Cheerful

There are so many ways to save money in Hungary as a solo traveler. Of course, if you venture into the countryside, the prices decrease; however, even in major cities like Budapest, it’s still way cheaper than Western Europe by far.

To save money in Budapest, opt for the ‘Budapest Card’ to save on local attractions, meals, and transportation. Hungary also used its own currency: the Forint (HUF). So, you’re already getting things for a bargain compared to the Euro.

For context, a decent glass of wine will cost you between $1-3: YES!

Mosque of Pasha Qasim on Szechenyi square in Pecs, Hungary

Centrally Located

Most solo travelers are looking to backpack around and visit other destinations in Europe too. Being centrally located, Hungary is easily accessible, and it’s even possible to do short day trips to other countries from here.

Depending on how much time you have and your interests, take a day trip to Austria or Slovakia, or spend a few more days there. Average train journey from Budapest to Vienna is just over 2 hours, and to Bratislava it’s about 2 hours.

Budapest is also a hub for cheap flights throughout Europe, so it’s ideal for solo travelers looking to adventure around to a couple more countries while they’re here.

hungary bath

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