If a trip to Europe is in the cards for you this year, then take a moment to pause before you press that ‘book’ button.

Do you really want to wrestle with the crowds in Barcelona? Fight for beach space in the Algarve? Or are you ready for a different, cooler kind of European experience?

Copenhagen could be the answer you seek.

The capital city of Denmark has always been a popular choice for travelers, but in 2024, we could see it become one of the trendiest destinations on this historic continent.

Here’s why:

King Of Cool

There’s no doubt that Copenhagen is one of the coolest cities in Europe, and I’m not just talking about the dress sense of its inhabitants or the range of sleek bars and fine restaurants.

Being in northern Europe, the city enjoys pleasant summers that don’t suffer with the baking hot summers of countries such as Greece or Spain.

The average temperatures for July and August are a comfortable 65F, meaning you can enjoy fun in the sun without cooking.

rosenborg castle viewed from beautiful gardens in copenhagen denmark

Heading to slightly cooler destinations in the summer is a trend that has been taking off in recent years, so expect places like Copenhagen to become even more popular.

Connection With The U.S. Has Never Been Better

Copenhagen Airport saw an impressive 27 million passengers pass through its doors in 2023, which pretty much puts it back on par with pre-pandemic tourism figures.

More interestingly, it seems that American travelers are taking a shine to the Danish capital, with more than one million passengers going between it and the United States last year.

tail of an sas scandinavian airlines plane at sunset in copenhagen

You can fly non-stop to Copenhagen from no fewer than 8 locations in the U.S., including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C., Boston, Miami, New York (JFK), and Newark – with some flights in the shoulder season as little as $450 for a round trip.

Hidden Gems Are Plentiful

Away from the obvious sights and attractions of Copenhagen, there are some relatively easy-to-find hidden gems that can have you feeling like a local in no time.

Make use of Copenhagen’s excellent metro system and take a trip out to Amager Strandpark.

This small but beautiful beach is actually its own tiny island just off the shore, but you can reach it on foot from the Amager Strand metro station.

solo female traveler standing on pier at amager strand beach in copenhagen denmark
Photo by David Guest

Here, you’ll find great walking and cycling paths, piers for getting out onto the water, and facilities such as cafes and toilets.

Another great coastal attraction to check out is CopenHill, a dry ski slope built onto the top of an energy plant.

It’s also great for hiking in summer.

If you’re looking for a trendy place to spend an evening, look no further than the Meatpacking District.

copenhill dry ski slope and hikingh route on a power station viewed from above

This former industrial area is a short walk from the central railway station.

Its former meat processing warehouses have been gentrified into a range of cool bars and stylish restaurants—my personal recommendation is Warpigs Brewpub.

Lots Happening In 2024

If you’ve had Copenhagen on your bucket list for the last few years but never managed to tick it off, then 2024 might just have the perfect excuse to do so.

From June 27-29, the city will host the annual World Coffee Championships at the Bella Center, where leading specialists from around the world will gather to celebrate all things roasty.

2024 will also be the first year that the new attraction, Home of Carlsberg, is open to the public.

This visitor experience will allow travelers to learn the story of the famous beer brewer that began life in the city all the way back in 1874.

person taking a photo of coffee and danish pastry on a smartphone

Also new for this year are five new underground stations on Copenhagen’s metro, which are set to open, linking the downtown area with cool suburbs such as Sydhavnen.

Underrated Digital Nomad Destination

It certainly won’t be the first country that comes to mind, but Denmark is actually a very underrated place to live as a digital nomad.

Americans can stay for up to 90 days without anything more than a tourist visa, and English is very widely spoken, especially in Copenhagen.

It also scores very highly on safety, ranking as the second safest country on the 2023 Global Peace Network, while internet connection, infrastructure, and co-working spaces are all of a very high standard too.

sillouhette of three travelers looking at colorful buildings in nyhavn copenhagen
Photo by David Guest

The only real downside is that it’s not the cheapest place to stay – but if you feel like enjoying some nomad luxury, there are few better places in Europe to do it than Copenhagen.

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