The population is growing, but the world itself is not getting any bigger.

Despite this fact, there are still hidden gems to discover, even in the age of information overload.

Multiple publications have showcased this secluded beach destination that perhaps many travelers have never heard of before.

Locals treasure this lesser-known resort town, but it could be the last year before the secret is out compared to other big names within the same borders.

Croatia has been trending upward for quite a while now, and it’s time to put yet another stunning coastal town on the map.

While many travelers are aware of Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb, the spotlight is now shining bright on Cavtat.

The Croatian Tuscany

cavtat mountains

Cavtat lies along a scenic coastline just 11 miles from Dubrovnik, one of the most accessible hubs in the country.

However, Cavtat is actually closer to the airport, which makes it an even more convenient getaway.

Away from the hustle and bustle, this gorgeous town is a place to enjoy the simple pleasures of life à la Tuscany.

It’s not that Croatia doesn’t know how to party. We’ve all seen the superyachts

It’s just Cavtat isn’t the place to let loose. On the contrary, it’s the perfect escape to kick back and relax for a blissful vacation.

locals serving wine in cavtat

One of many reasons why it has been voted the best destination for Honeymooners is that while newlyweds can enjoy nights on the town, Cavtat provides a secluded setting to get away from the everyday stresses of life—something we can surely all relate to.

While the partygoers fist-pump the night away with shots, this tranquil seaside town is more for letting the wine flow at a slower pace.

5-Star Luxury

cavtat harbor

If chartering superyachts just doesn’t meet the budget, perhaps a lavish 5-star stay will do the trick.

Despite being relatively small in size, travelers have multiple luxury hotels to choose from with stunning views and high-end amenities.

Both 5-star Hotel Croatia Cavtat and Hotel Supetar Cavtat hold prime real estate in this lesser-known region of Croatia.

Some Croatian cities have travelers counting pennies, but the beauty of Cavtat is you can experience a heavenly stay at a luxury hotel without breaking the bank.

Rates through summer are as low as $102 per night, which is a steal of a deal for resorts of this magnitude.

5-star stays are not the only viable option, of course. There are plenty of mid-tier accommodations along with charming villas, but who wouldn’t want to level up at these prices?

Incredible Beaches

blue waters of cavtat

It would be hard to find a traveler going to Croatia without mentioning the gorgeous blue waters in this region of the world.

There are ample boat tours as well providing even better views of the than you see from the shoreline.

While the views are never tired to gaze upon, the beaches may be even more enjoyable to go for a swim, snorkeling and even cliff jumps for the more daring adventurers.

Zal is the largest beach with calm waters that are perfect for taking a dip, but those seeking even more seclusion may want to opt for Sustjepan Beach, which is walkable from the town center.

And there’s one beach north of town where beachgoers can, let’s just say go “full Euro” and may find it to be extra breezy.

Historic Sites

Despite being an unsuspecting beachside town, Cavtat is not only known for its laid-back lifestyle and stunning nature of crystal blue waters and scenic mountains.cavtat croatia restaurant

Tourists can peruse local artisan shops along the scenic waterfront promenade or pay a visit to the Old Town district for more historical sites, such as the Bukovac House Museum.

Local eateries have rave reviews, not only for the quality of their food offerings but also for being the perfect place to watch picturesque sunsets.

While it may seem odd to visit a cemetery on vacation, one of the top-rated attractions on TripAdvisor is the oddly placed Cavtat Cemetery—one of the best viewpoints of the city and even offers tours.

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