13 Things You Need to Know about Ostriches

13 Things You Need to Know about Ostriches

We had a chance to spend a day working alongside the owners of a very cute farm called Ostrich Land. And wow, did we have fun! Have a look at the video above to see what a blast this was for the whole family.

Ostrich Land is in the gorgeous countryside of Solvang, California

Here are 13 things we learned about ostriches at Ostrich Land USA:

1) Ostriches are hatch from eggs, and have wings and beaks. This makes them BIRDS!

2) Ostriches are the BIGGEST birds in the world. They can be over nine feet tall and weigh up to 350 pounds! (That’s HUGE!)

3) Although they are birds, ostriches cannot fly. (BOO!) Their wings are just too small. They DO use their wings to help with balance as they run, so at least those wings have a purpose! (Five year old Devyn thought that was important!)

Saying hello to the baby ostriches!

4) Ostriches are warm-blooded, so they can regulate their internal body temperature. No matter what the temperature is around them, an ostrich will always be at the same temperature. COOL!

5) Ostriches live in the African bush. This is the only place in the whole world where they can be found in the wild.

6) Ostriches can run up to 45 miles per hour, which is as fast as a car!

Hi friends! How fun is this guy!?

7) Even though ostriches are the largest bird, they DO NOT have large brains, and that’s because there isn’t room in their heads to accommodate both their eyes AND a large brain. In fact, they have the biggest eyes of any land animal!

8) Although they make good pets, ostriches can also be VERY dangerous. Their legs are so powerful that they can kill lions with a single kick. (OUCH!)

9) Ostrich EGGS are huge. They can weigh up to 5 pounds each! In California, each ostrich egg sells for $45. That’s an expensive breakfast!

This will be a memory that sticks!

10) Even though all the female ostriches in a flock lay eggs, only the lead male and female will sit on the eggs, like a King and Queen.

11) At birth, ostrich chicks are as big as a grown up chicken, and both the mommies and daddies take turns caring for the chicks.

12) The chicks don’t take a long time to grow to their full height. By six months old, they are full-grown.

13) Ostriches can live for a LONG time, even 50 to 75 years old!

Little Peyton telling the ostriches, “Share! One at a time!”

If you are in Central California, go visit Ostrich Land. It’s worth a visit!

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