How Germany gets passed over as a top destination in Europe is anyone’s guess.

Any time there are new flight offerings, travelers have the chance to form their own opinions rather than follow the crowd—and now is that time.

Lufthansa, Germany’s flagship airline, just launched 3 new flights from the U.S. to two of the country’s most popular cities.

If given a chance, Germany is a fascinating historical nation that will leave your jaw on the floor with stunning iconic cities, storybook towns, and underrated mouthwatering cuisine.

3 new nonstop flights have launched from the U.S. to these incredible German cities:

Seattle To Munich: Plan Ahead For Oktoberfest

On May 31st, a new route from Seattle to Munich launched, giving West Coasters another great escape to Europe.

Despite little fanfare initially, Lufthansa is giving this route another shot with this recent re-launch.

Munich cityscape at sunset

In hopes of better results this time around, travelers can choose between 3 days per week to jet off to one of Germany’s most historic cities, yet has all the modern touches to entice you even more.

Of course, the most famous attraction is Oktoberfest, which is oddly enough held for a majority of September.

Here, visitors from around the globe venture into Munich with full traditional garb in tow from lederhosens to dirdnls to say “Cheers!” with a pint o Germany’s finest brews.

And no matter how much you drink, the clothes you wear still don’t look any better!

Munich Okterbfest patrons

But Munich is far more than a huge social gathering, although it is definitely a “beer city” year-round with centuries-old beer halls like the famous Hofbräuhaus.

The city offers breathtaking architecture throughout, but perhaps no more than Marienplatz square, which just so happens to be home to one of Europe’s top Christmas markets as well.

Good news is this new route is year-round, so it’s never too early to plan out your holiday escapades!

Other U.S. cities with nonstop flights to Munich:

  • Boston
  • Charlotte
  • Chicago (O’Hare)
  • Denver
  • Los Angeles
  • Newark
  • New York (JFK)
  • San Dieo
  • San Francisco
  • Washington DC (Dulles)

Minneapolis To Frankfurt: Swap Cheese Curds For Frankfurters

Minnesotans will have no trouble booking an unforgettable trip to Germany as Lufthansa gives them a second airline to choose from.

Competing against Condor, Lufthansa just launched one of their latest routes from Minneapolis to Frankfurt.

Travelers can choose flights 5 days per week and odds are seats will fill up as nearly 1 millions Minnesotans traveled across the pond in 2023.

Frankfurt skyline

Frankfurt may not be as mesmerizing as, say, Munich, since their skyline resembles more of what you would see in the U.S., but don’t sleep on this incredible city.

Minneapolis is a great foodie destination in its own right, but it’s time to swap cheese curds for Frankfurters and explore the hidden gems overshadowed by the gargantuan skyline.

With sites such as Frankfurt Cathedral and bustling markets like Kleinmarkthalle, tourists can easily spend their days perusing the city streets with local eats and awesome sites.

First Ever Route From Raleigh

Frankfurt Old Town

Raleigh, North Carolina is no stranger to nonstop European flights as of late.

The newest route launching June 11th will cap off another pair of European destinations – Paris and Reykjavik.

They must Raleigh love Europe!

Aligning with Minneapolis, Raleigh will benefit from 5 days to choose to pick an awesome getaway to Frankfurt with the caveat of dwindling down to 3 times per week in the wintertime.

This will be the first-ever nonstop route to Germany from Raleigh, so history is in the making this week.

Lufthansa Is A Top Rated Airline

American travelers tend to be airline loyalists, which can hamper your sense of wanderlust if your airline of choice has limited routes.

Lufthansa plane in Frankfurt airport

Lufthansa may be based in another country, but it’s no easy task to receive permission to fly in America’s skies.

According to, Lufthansa holds a perfect score in terms of safety and just a hair below perfection for their product as a whole.

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