Whether or not you should use third-party sites to book your epic vacations is a different conversation for a different day.

However, what can’t be denied is there are tons of them out there – some great, some so-so, and some with so many fees tacked on they are pointless to use.

Trip.com is not one of them to worry about.

With over 45 million users, it’s safe to say they’re doing things the right way without the fear of being scammed or hit with surprise charges.

Every year, the popular travel agency releases their list of the top global destinations and 2024 has some doozies!

These 10 incredible cities were just ranked the best destinations in the world for 2024:

10) Sydney, Australia
9) Osaka, Japan
8) Los Angeles, California

7) Shanghai, China

Shanghai skyline and waterfront

We live in strange times, don’t we? I wish I could say 2019 seems like yesterday, but it really doesn’t.

Back in 2019, I went to China and it was one of the most unforgettable trips of my life! Needless to say, many travelers feel iffy visiting China in 2024.

Of course, it doesn’t help the U.S. State Department has doubled down on travel advisories to the fascinating nation in the past year.

Ultimately, it’s up to travelers to decide where they go, but Shanghai makes for an epic adventure, or at the very least, a starting point into Asia.

From Disneyland to a mix of modern-day marvels and traditional villages showcasing its roots, Shanghai is teeming with endless sites to explore.

6) Tokyo, Japan

Neon lights of tokyo

Speaking of Asia, Tokyo is high on the lists of many travelers and why wouldn’t it be? It’s phenomenal!

Summing up one of the world’s most iconic cities is an impossible task, and the same goes for exploring every nook and cranny of this major metropolis.

From narrow izakaya-lined alleyways, eye-popping neon-lit buildings, to Mario Kart races in the street, Tokyo is both mesmerizing and filled with one-of-a-kind attractions.

You’ll never have a dull moment, even when thousands of polite commuters on the city trains are dead silent en route.

5) London, U.K.

Woman in London

London has stood the test of time as one of the most world-renowned destinations. Even more impressive, London can be quite costly, but you rarely hear of anyone having a bad time, meaning it’s definitely worth the splurge.

Home to famous sites like Big Ben, the Buckingham Palace, and the London Eye, you’ll feel like you’re in the movies.

Journeying through London by double-decker is the best way to go, but my personal recommendation is to go outside the hustle and bustle to the peaceful Epping Forest and work your way back into the action.

4) Singapore

Happy young woman enjoying day in Singapore

Trip.com’s headquarters cracks the top the 5. Conspiracy? Conflict of interest? Nah, Singapore is just that awesome.

Although far-flung for Americans, there are multiple nonstop flights from the U.S.

This ritzy island is an incredible place to visit, from stunning temples, marvelous architecture, and popular hawkers serving some of the most delicious street food you’ll ever encounter.

Heck, the airport alone is a world of its own, so just imagine what the city is like.

3) Beijing, China

Temple of Heaven in Beijing

Noting Singapore is Trip.com’s headquarters, recommending 2 cities in China to isn’t necessarily angled toward Americans per se.

That being said, China has seen a spike with many other foreign tourists visiting. Believe what you may, nobody can deny China’s incredible culture and stunning sites, the most famous being the Great Wall just 45 miles outside Beijing.

The capital city offers tons to do and see bustling streets to more laid-back historical attractions like the Temple of Heaven.

If you decide to go to China, it’s wise to double-check visa policies, as many changes have been made in recent years.

2) Bangkok, Thailand

Female tourist at palace in Bangkok

Bangkok is a wild, wild place, but it’s so much fun to explore between traditional floating markets and temple-hopping in and around the city.

Not to mention the nightlife, endless street food, and luxe hotels you can stay at without breaking the bank.

Digital nomads are up to something, making this magnificent city their base, and all travelers should follow suit.

Better yet, it’s an affordable gateway into some of the most exotic islands you’ll ever have a chance to visit.

1) Paris, France

Woman in Paris France

The results are in! Trip.com gives the blue ribbon to Paris as the top destination in the world this year.

But let’s tap the brakes for a sec. As host of the Summer Olympics, not every traveler has this major event at the top of their wishlist, meaning the city’s usual allure will be overshadowed by this year’s biggest global event.

Paris isn’t going anywhere and is always easy to reach as the second most visited city in the world.

If anything, summertime makes for an awesome time to explore more of France beyond Paris, while the “City of Light” will surely shine again come fall and winter.

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