8 Tips for Navigating Travel Chaos and Flight Delays This Summer

8 Tips for Navigating Travel Chaos and Flight Delays This Summer

Traveling has probably never been more challenging than it is this summer. Unprecedented demand for air travel fueled by low staffing across the aviation industry has made flying a challenge for even the most seasoned traveler.

If you’re going to travel this summer, there are ways however to limit the amount of frustration and headaches you have to deal with. Here are 8 tips for navigating through travel chaos and flight delays this summer.

8 Ways to navigate through travel chaos and flight delays this summer.

Tip #1: Spend extra time researching.

Low prices and deals are hard to find on the surface, but if you dig deep, you’ll still find some deals.

-Use Google Flights to research cheap flight paths.

-Check your hotel across all hotel booking platforms to ensure you’re getting the lowest price.

-In some instances, you may even be better off booking with the hotel directly. Booking directly with the hotel will sometimes give you access to better deals and discounts.

-When booking with airlines, be sure to select reputable airlines that have a strong on-time departure percentage and a low cancellation rate.

Here are 4 airlines that are your best bet for avoiding flight delays:

  • Delta: Only 19% of its flights were delayed in May and 21% faced a delay in June.
  • United Airlines: May and June saw just 23% of the airline’s total flights delayed.
  • Spirit Airlines: 80% on-time performance.
  • Alaska Airlines: 81% on-time performance.

Here are 3 airlines that have had the most delays in recent months

  • Allegiant: 39% of their flights have been delayed.
  • JetBlue: #2 airline with the most delays. 36% of JetBlue’s flights have been delayed.
  • Southwest Airlines: This airline has had 29 of its flights delayed.

If your trip allows you to select to travel with an airline that has a lower cancellation and delay rate than another airline, it is recommended that you book with that airline in order to minimize the chances of having your trip disrupted.

Tip #2: Get travel insurance (seriously).

No one thinks they need travel insurance until they are the ones with the canceled flight, lost luggage, or delayed flight. Travel insurance is oftentimes more than affordable and can completely alleviate unnecessary problems travel disruption can cause.

Be sure to get travel insurance that covers things like:

– Delayed flights.

– Cancelled itineraries.

– Lost or delayed baggage.

– Or even if you get sick right before the trip and can’t go.

Tip #3: Give yourself extra time.

-There are going to be lines, delays, waits, and lots of frustrating moments, so add extra hours or days

into your itinerary and plan for delays ahead of time.

– Get to the airport extra early.

– Try and fly in a day or two in advance, in case the flight is canceled last minute and you need to rebook.

Tip #4: Take the earliest flight the day that you fly.

If you are traveling by plane and are going to a destination that offers multiple daily flights, try and book the earliest flight of the day. In case you encounter any delay or cancellation, you’ll have a greater chance to get rebooked on another flight.

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