Summer is coming in hot. With that comes some thrilling travel plans being made across the globe.

Europe is already seeing a surge in many places, but perhaps no more than Spain, as they are now only second to France in tourism numbers.

One reason Spain is so popular is because of their epic coastlines and stunning islands, all perfect for a sunny summer vacation.

While Ibiza, Mallorca, among others, each have their own draws and drawbacks, one set of islands always popular for beachgoers is the fabulous Canary Islands.

One glance at a map may make you think these islands are in Africa, but they do, in fact, belong to Spain.

That being said, most travelers visiting the Canaries are dead set on Tenerife and Gran Canaria, but one lesser-known neighboring island is super cheap and seemingly untouched.

It’s time to put familiarity on the back burner and start making plans to the unspoiled island of La Gomera.

A Black Sand Paradise

Black sand beach and blue water in La Gomera

We all know when music legend Michael Jackson sang, “it don’t matter if you’re black or white”, he was definitely planning out his next beach getaway.

While millions of travelers seek out the ultimate beach trip this summer, many will prefer glistening blue waters upon white sand beaches.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, as white-sand beaches are some of the best in the world.

But La Gomera challenges travelers by essentially saying once you go black, you don’t go back.

Although it’s not a typical preference, there are many postcard-perfect beaches lined with black sand, such as Hawaii, Iceland, and, of course, La Gomera, as most beaches are darker tones here.

Black sand beach in La Gomera

Not to go full Bill Nye The Science Guy here, but this natural phenomenon is caused by a variety of factors related to volcanic activity, making black sand beaches more uncommon, yet just as stunning.

La Gomera is the third smallest island of The Canaries, making it all the more exotic and alluring to visit as it’s more quaint and authentic than the ever-so-popular sister islands of Gran Canaria and Tenerife.

Your Best Bet In The Canaries To Stretch Your Travel Budget

As Spain has soared to new heights, the Canaries have followed suit, at least with prices.

Tenerife and Gran Canaria can be quite pricey, which is a huge turn-off for travelers seeking a blissful escape while not bruising their bank account.

Beachgoer in La Gomera

Since it’s so small and not often discussed, La Gomera is often overlooked, but that doesn’t mean it should be.

Not only is the island gorgeous, with plenty to see and do, but it’s also very affordable. In fact, it’s safe to say it’s the most affordable island among the Canaries, especially for accommodations.

Travelers’ options are wide-ranging, including all-inclusives, hostels, bed and breakfasts, and some of the most affordable Airbnbs in a paradisal setting that you’ll find anywhere.

All of the above can be found for under $100 per night, but Airbnbs are definitely your best overall value since they are more private and tend to have more flexible policies than your run-of-the-mill hotel.

Beachside condos in La Gomera

During summer, there are dozens of rentals to choose from, with many below $50 per night. Some are even as low as $30.

Charming Streets And Historical Sites

It’s not just where you rest your head at night that will save you some cash, there are cheap eats and local brews too.

While sipping a cold one at the seaside might be the vision you had in mind, La Gomera is more than just sun and sand.

Tourist walking through town of La Gomera

Visiting the delightful town of San Sebastian is a must as it’s very walkable and jam-packed with history, even dating back to Christopher Columbus.

However, from what we know now, that’s not exactly a flex. Nonetheless, there are multiple museums to visit to take a deep dive into the fascinating history of the island.

Outside the city, in the center of the island, a popular place to visit is Garajonay National Park. This lush, untouched forest seems out-of-this-world, but made for exploring.

The park has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site since the 1980s. It has archeological sites and is home to breathtaking views of the island.

Tourist on trail in the mossy tree forest of Garajonay National Park

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