Morocco, Anguilla, and This Asian Hotspot Have Dropped Restrictions Returning To Normal Tourism

Morocco, Anguilla, and This Asian Hotspot Have Dropped Restrictions Returning To Normal Tourism

Three more countries have joined the ranks of other destinations around the world by removing their travel restrictions and returning to normal tourism once more. African tourism heavyweight Morocco, the idyllic Caribbean hotspot of Anguilla, and the stunning Southeast Asian gem Cambodia are amongst the latest destinations to make the much sought-after changes after years of extra requirements and test-related rigmarole, making visiting much easier and much more appealing for travelers in the process. 

The news is a win for all in the travel industry, with more countries joining the vast majority of destinations that have removed their troublesome Covid-19-related restrictions. Here’s a look at what exactly has changed for travelers looking to visit Morocco, Anguilla, and Cambodia, and what travelers will need to have in order to be able to visit these three destinations.

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Morocco Drops Restrictions – Information For Travelers

Famed for its stunning mountain ranges, markets teeming with exotic spicy, and historic architecture, Morocco truly is one of the top destinations in Africa. In the five years that preceded the pandemic, tourism levels rose year after year in Morocco as more and more travelers became aware of the delights that could be found in the North African gem. Tough entry rules and a weariness to travel might have dented those figures for now, but recent changes by the government could be set to see travelers flood back in.

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Just this week, the country lifted its previously-strict entry requirements, meaning that travelers to Morocco will no longer need to show proof of vaccination against Covid-19 or a negative test result in order to be able to enter – effective as of now. Travelers do, however, still need to fill in a health form prior to boarding their flight, though this is only a one-page document that will not take long to complete.

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Anguilla Drops Entry Restrictions – What Travelers Should Know

Anguilla is the latest country in the Caribbean to drop its Covid-19 entry requirements, continuing what has been a good couple of months for the region in terms of returning back to normalcy. The island nation, which retains an authentic atmosphere thanks to its embargo on large cruise ships, casinos, and high-rise hotels, made the changes at the start of the month as it looks to kickstart its tourism industry once more.

The announcement of the ending of all remaining entry restrictions was made in a press release by the Anguillan Ministry of Health on September 30th. The release stated that as of October 1st, unvaccinated travelers will no longer be required to take a Covid-19 test before visiting Anguilla. As this was the last remaining entry restriction, visiting Anguilla is now completely restriction free. The release did, however, stress the importance of continuing to practice good hygiene to prevent further spread of the virus.

Cambodia Eases Restrictions – Details For Travelers

Home to some of the best-preserved examples of temple complexes in the world – including the awe-inspiring Angkor Wat – Cambodia is another destination that was growing in popularity in the years before the pandemic, a favorite amongst backpackers making their way through Southeast Asia. Tough entry requirements in comparison with other local destinations made it a country to avoid for several years – though not anymore.

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The country had previously removed the need to show tests to enter, and this week it went a step further and removed both its health declaration and vaccination requirements – meaning there is nothing extra travelers have to show in order to enter. With neighboring country Thailand also having removed its entry requirements this month, it looks like backpacking is back on the menu for travelers.

Siem Reap International Airport, Cambodia

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