It’s no secret that some of the world’s best beaches come with premium prices.

Steep price tags are just part of the equation unless you’re willing to go the road less traveled in search of something new.

As historic and well documented as Europe may be, there are still hidden gems trickling out into the travel-sphere waiting to be discovered.

What’s definitely not a secret are the pristine islands of Greece, most notably Santorini.

Personally, it’s one of the most beautiful destinations I’ve had the chance the visit, despite being touristy.

But it’s time to give Santorini the boot and check out a cheaper beach town reminiscent of Greece in the trendy country of Albania.

Dhermi: Albania’s Most Stunning Beach Town

Albania has been on the rise for years, and more secret hideaways are being revealed.

Now it’s Dhermi’s turn.

Beachgoers in Dhermi

When it comes to Albania’s postcard-perfect coastline, the top name you may recognize is Durres.

Not to be a party pooper, but there are many travelers who have ripped this scenic port city to shreds as being overhyped, run down, and one of those places where you feel ‘catfished’.

Many would agree Durres should be used as a gateway to the Albanian Riviera paradisal span of incredible beaches the further south you go.

Ksamil is often dubbed the ‘Maldives of Europe’ and is no longer tightly held to the vest, but one could argue that Dhermi is next in line.

Lounging in blue waters of Dhermi

With popularity comes inflated prices, so there is no time like to present to book an epic beach trip.

Unheard Of Prices For Beachfront Hotels

As divided as the world has become, if there’s one thing we can all see to eye-to-eye on it’s we all seek out the perfect beach vacation.

Some of us go to Mexico, some of us go to Florida, and some of us will go to the ends of the Earth to discover our own little paradise.

Dhermi may be just the place, and not only for its sheer beauty and laid-back vibes, the costs for a stay in paradise are mind-boggling low to the point where you may feel guilty of theft.

Pool at beachfront hotel in Dhermi

There are European hostels where you sleep next to snoring, smelly strangers that cost $50 per night and that’s the same price you could be paying for a beachfront hotel overlooking azure waters.

According to the Daily Express, there are 4-star hotels available in the $50 range for July.

Oozing Greek Vibes

People from far and wide travel to the island of Greece for a dreamy beach vacation. Greece is well known for moving at their own pace, which is most comparable to the saying, “it’s a marathon, not a sprint”.

Throughout the country, especially the islands, you will find laid-back vibes to the highest degree.

Blue waters of Dhermi

An example would be the first time I went to Crete. I wandered around the city of Chania in search of breakfast and realized that nobody was awake, and even if they were, it was clear there were no set business hours.

Dhermi holds the same laid-back atmosphere in a setting of picture-perfect blue waters, just like Greece.

Beyond the gorgeous waters, you will find the Old Town district. It seems just about everywhere has some variation of an ‘Old Town’, but here is not an overload of touristy gift shops.

Clear waters of Dhermi

What you’ll find is nearly identical to a charming Greek village perfect for a nice stroll and grabbing a cup of coffee… if the cafe is even open that day.

Reaching Dhermi

Despite being tucked away from any major airport, Dhermi is worth the journey. Albania is building a new airport in another coastal city, Vlore, but that will be a while before it’s up and running.

Your best bet is flying into Tirana, one of Europe’s trendiest city breaks nowadays.

Public transit goes down the coast, including a stop in Dhermi.

People standing outside of Tirana airport

Your other option would be the international route by taking a boat from the Greek island of Corfu to Sarande, then hopping aboard a bus.

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