For the first time, travelers worldwide, but especially Americans, are taking advantage of direct flights from the U.S. to Tulum.

Factor in the Maya Train, and even more tourists are invading this trendy beach town south of Cancun.

Even as popular as this region may be, Mexico is a huge country with a phenomenal coastline from Baja to Mazatlan and so much more, and there is one authentic beach town that is growing fast.

The city of Oaxaca may be known as one of the most cultural cities in the country, but the state of Oaxaca offers breathtaking beaches that are giving Tulum a run for its money.

While Huatulco is great to visit, it’s Puerto Escondido that has become of the trendiest beach getaways in Mexico.

No Longer A Secret Beach Getaway

Puerto Escondido may not have the visitor numbers that Tulum does, but it is rising fast in popularity.

Tourists in Puerto Escondido on nice day

Success doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s safe to say the secret is out on Puerto Escondido as more and more travelers make their way here.

One key factor is Puerto Escondido is a paradise that suits everyone. Anyone can find their vibe here, from surfers to thrill-seekers and those who simply want to kick back on a picture-perfect beach.

As the city of Oaxaca has risen to new fame, so have the state’s beach counterparts, and it doesn’t seem like that is going to change any time soon.

Crowds may be manageable now, but as the influx of tourists continues to pour in, travelers will have to decide if another undiscovered beach is calling their name.

Beach bar in Puerto Escondido

Digital Nomads Love To Call Puerto Escondido Home

Puerto Escondido is popular for both solo travelers and digital nomads, which tend to go hand in hand as you forge your own path either way.

This gorgeous beach town is perfect to call home as your long-term base.

As we all know, Mexico is very friendly toward the digital nomad lifestyle.

While not as affordable as it once was, it’s still not unreasonable to stay here for months on end, especially when comparing apples to apples with the household names of Mexico.

Digital Nomad working in tropical setting

Solo travel and digital nomadism are both courageous in their own right, and travelers who fit this mold surely want to feel welcomed wherever they visit.

There are reports of locals in Puerto Escondido not feeling the vibe of this travel trend with concerns of losing the authentic charm of their beautiful beach haven, a common complaint for the newly popular lifestyle.

Puerto Escondido seems to have found a sweet spot of luring travelers while also not being too “Americanized,”…at least not yet.

Digital Nomad working at beach location

Over-Tourism Problems Arising

Beyond bickering about potential issues, there are real problems at hand when visiting Puerto Escondido as the beach town has had to think on the fly to come up with solutions for over-tourism.

Pleasing locals and travelers all at once is a fine balancing act the city didn’t seem prepared for and is still struggling with today.

Whispers of Puerto Escondido’s greatness have slowly been getting louder for quite some, and there have been investments made to ensure a better experience for travelers, such as new hotels and a new highway cutting the drive time in half from Oaxaca.

Aerial view of Puerto Escondido jungle and coastline

That being said, other investments need to be made to avoid the pitfalls of over-tourism, which has already affected both tourists and locals.

In fact, some reports have claimed Puerto Escondido is trying to avoid being the ‘next Acapulco’. No, not due to crime, but more so from possibly not doing enough to prevent its downfall.

While Puerto Escondido is still a huge draw, there have been multiple infrastructural issues with waste management, over-development with new restaurants and hotels, and environmental concerns, especially with the unspoiled beach of Playa Punta Colorada and the wellbeing of wildlife.

Beautiful day in Puerto Escondido

Sometimes, these issues have resulted in protests blocking key roadways in the area.

Puerto Escondido has grown tremendously in recent years, but time will tell if they grew too fast and if they can maintain their success without pricing out both locals and one of their most common visitors – digital nomads.

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