One bag packed, one passport in hand and a whole world to explore, many solo travelers are sticking to 5 incredible destinations in Mexico.

Our southern neighbor handles negative press with grace and doesn’t always get the credit it deserves for providing top-notch getaways for all types of travelers.

Digital nomads, couples, families, honeymooners, solo travelers, you name it…and you will see them in Mexico.

That being said, one of the most popular travel trends is taking on adventures alone with Mexico being a top choice to do so.

According to Hostelworld, these are the 5 most popular destinations in Mexico for solo travelers right now:


Oaxaca City, Oaxaca

Rarely can a place so cultural become so trendy and hold on to its core identity, but that’s the case for Oaxaca.

No shiny skyscrapers, influx of Starbucks at every corner, or sky-high prices overcharging tourists to be found here.

A city proud of its roots and even more proud to showcase its fascinating history through cultural sites and experiences, Oaxaca welcomes tourists with open arms with a shot of mezcal and warm hospitality.

One of the safest cities in Mexico, it is a place where solo travelers don’t have to keep their heads on a swivel while perusing the timeless streets, which is a key reason why digital nomads love it.

As stunning as the city may be, visiting Oaxaca without a trip to see even more wonders would be a disservice.

Many tourists love making the short trip to UNESCO-protected Monte Alban and one of the most Instagramable sites – Hierve el Agua.


tourist at tulum beach

Dare we say Tulum is the trendiest city in all of Mexico?

Yeah, we’re saying it. Mexico stretches far and wide, but Tulum has to be the most exciting for travelers to visit in 2024.

With the brand-spankin’ new international airport now offering direct flights to multiple U.S. cities, Tulum has literally never been easier to reach.

Upon landing, Tulum is still as incredible as ever for a beach getaway with a welcoming, artsy community.

Solo travelers do tend to be on a budget since there are rarely split expenses unless you meet some like-minded pals on your trip.

There may be some sticker shock in Tulum at times, but that’s what tends to happen when a destination surges in popularity.

And how could it not with a new airport and one of the most sought-after stops on the new Maya Train?

Puerto Escondido

scenic coastline of puerto escondido

The state of Oaxaca is seeing hordes of travelers from Oaxaca City to its stunning coastline.

Puerto Escondido used to be a sleepy beach town, but it has certainly grown in popularity in recent years.

Digital nomads may be to blame as they let the secret out on this lovely paradisal beach getaway.

While it’s not as affordable as it used to be, it’s definitely not on par with say, Los Cabos.

Solo travelers can stay on a budget and find ample accommodations on the cheap, and new, trendy hotels are rapidly developing should you want to splurge a bit.

Beaches here are gorgeous, but the Chacahua Lagoons National Park, an hour away, is worth a visit on its own to witness the mesmerizing bioluminescent waters.


solo traveler in cancun

What’s left to say about the most popular international getaway for Americans? It’s stunningly beautiful, lavish, easy to reach, and always a reliable spot to wind away for a blissful beach vacation.

So great in fact, you can enjoy in your own company, which can’t be said about just anywhere.

With modern hostels like Selina, solo trippers can go out and about and come back to a well-equipped, clean, and affordable stay catered to their needs.

Cancun is an amazing destination year-round, but there may be no better beach weather than summer.

There is rarely a time when you can find Cancun without the crowds, but time will tell if Tulum’s new airport will provide more elbow room.

Plus, seeing this region of Mexico by train is a perfect way to spend your time, as Cancun is one of the major stops on the new Maya Train.

Mexico City

colorful boats on xochimilco canal

Mexico City seems to have it all.

Well, excluding beaches.

As cool of an experience as riding through Xochimilco’s canals on the colorful trajineras, it’s not quite up to snuff as Cancun or Puerto Escondido.

Mexico City is the perfect stomping grounds for solo travelers to stay busy exploring one of the largest cities in the world.

Bustling markets, endless street food, stunning architecture, and world-renowned museums are just the tip of the iceberg.

Even for such a gargantuan city, Mexico City is widely considered safe, and it’s easy to get around with a dirt-cheap metro and Uber throughout the city.

Accommodations range from cushy hostels to 5-star hotels to meet every traveler’s budget.

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