More people than ever are choosing to travel this year, so running into other tourists is unavoidable.

But if you don’t want to join the crowds, then where should you give a wide swerve?

A new study has looked at the number of tourists per square kilometer and population in each city in the world.

They found that 8 of the world’s most overcrowded tourist destinations for 2024 are in Europe. And the other 2 are in North America.

Here are the top 7:

7. Budapest 

Szechenyi spa in Budapest, Hungary

At the back of the pack is beautiful Budapest, which may be a fascinating city to explore in the low season but can be unbearably crowded in the height of the summer.

Visit Budapest for the art galleries and museums, the spectacular spas, and the quirky architecture. This is a must-visit city for history enthusiasts.

What makes Budapest unique is that the city can be enjoyed in any weather. So if you want to beat the crowds, then visit during the low season.

6. Amsterdam

Scenic view of Amsterdam city centre and water canal

Amsterdam is full: that’s the message from local authorities in the city who are introducing new schemes to limit overtourism and reduce crowd levels in the city.

And new figures show that they’re right: Amsterdam is the 6th most overcrowded tourist destination in the world.

People visit Amsterdam for the vibrant culture, rich history, and the beautiful canals. But it’s worth noting that Amsterdam’s narrow streets can feel overwhelmingly crowded very quickly.

 Whether you’re exploring the city by boat or by bike, relaxing in a museum or a cafe, there’s so much for tourists to see and do here. Provided you don’t mind crowds.

5. Stockholm 

Busy sidewalk cafes in picturesque historic Gamla Stan, the oldest neighborhood in Stockholm

Stockholm is the largest city in Scandinavia but despite this, it still manages to be the most crowded.

A city on the water, people visit Stockholm for the incredible architecture, thriving cultural scene, and laid back city life.

Stockholm is a popular cruise destination, so if you want to see this stunning city without the crowds, then I recommend booking your trip so that it doesn’t coincide with a cruise ship arrival.

Otherwise you’ll find navigating this exciting city really is unbearable.

4. New York 

young people enjoying drinks on a rooftop terrace in New York City

Only 2 of the most overcrowded cities in the world are outside of Europe and both of these are in North America.

New York is one of the most densely populated cities in the U.S., but despite this, locals are still outnumbered by tourists in the city.

Visit New York for the iconic attractions such as the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. For the incredible theater, the food, and the architecture.

But don’t visit if you’re looking for somewhere to relax and unwind in solitude!

3. Chicago

aerial view of navy pier in chicago illinois

As well as being the 3rd most crowded city in the world right now, Chicago is also the most crowded tourist destination in the U.S.

Chicago is considered a cultural powerhouse and is a hugely popular destination for U.S. travelers which explains why crowd levels here are so high year-round.

Iconic attractions, innovative dining experiences, and incredible theater are just some of the reasons so many people love to visit Chicago. But the crowds these attractions bring with them can sometimes be overwhelming.

2. Bern

bern Switzerland clock tower

Bern might not be somewhere you naturally think of as being an overcrowded city or a magnet for tourists.

But the Swiss capital city is very small compared to other European capitals, and this means that it can feel crowded during the height of the tourism season.

Bern boasts an incredible 3279% ratio of visitors to population residents which is the highest on the list.

Despite this, travelers visit Bern for its relaxed vibes and abundance of charm, as well as its covered arcades and Medieval streets.

1. Paris

Paris in Summer

Officially the most overcrowded city in the world for 2024 is Paris.

There are a frankly incredible 351,429 visitors per square kilometer in the city. What’s more, the visitor-to-population ratio in the city is 1708%.

If you don’t like crowds, then Paris isn’t the right destination for you.

That is especially true this summer when visitor numbers to the city are skyrocketing as Paris hosts the 2024 Olympic games.

If you’re looking for a quiet and tranquil vacation, then Paris is not the place to be!

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