Full disclosure: According to numerous recent reports, Americans are following the crowd and going to many of the same places.

C’mon, a little originality goes a long way! Grand Canyon of Europe, anyone?

A mix of iconic international cities, such as London, Tokyo, Cancun, and Paris, intermixed with some domestic metropolises, like New York City and Los Angeles, are constantly regurgitated by multiple publications.

Yeah, yeah, yeah…we’ve heard it all before.

However, a new report issued by Kayak had a surprising destination topping the list of U.S. cities trending with Americans this summer.

Gorgeous, easy to reach, and simply incredible during summertime, Seattle has caught on as the top summer getaway in the U.S, and here’s why:

Well Worth A Summer Splurge

According to Kayak, travelers are forking over $455 on average to fly here, the second most expensive city next to Honolulu.

Seattle waterfront ferris wheel

The other 8 on the top 10 list are well below these price points, but travelers are putting their money where their mouth is, saying Seattle is well worth a splurge this summer.

Seattle didn’t make the cut on Kayak’s top 20 list for budget-friendly stays either, so travelers will have to cut into their paycheck a bit more for a decent hotel.

But, let’s be honest…When a city is this pretty, it’s not a hard sell.

The impressive skyline is one thing, but with endless attractions, a scenic waterfront, and a majestic backdrop of Mt. Rainier, it’s easy to see why the bright lights of Vegas and the never-ending fun of Orlando are second and third to this city.

Oddball Attractions

Tourists at gum wall in Seattle

When you’re up against some true American icons, you have to stand out somehow.

Seattle is a big city, but some of the more off-the-wall attractions overshadow trendy restaurants, museums, and nature activities.

In one case, you say it’s on-the-wall. One of the most visited and Instagramable sites in the city is the famous Gum Wall, where, you guessed it, people from around the world place chewed gum on a wall.

If there was ever a confirmation the pandemic is over, this is it, right?

Of course, a Space Needle is a bit of an oddball attraction too if you think about it.

Inside Chihuly Garden and Glass near Space Needle

Chances are you’ll find yourself here at one point or another, and when you do, a visit to Chihuly Garden and Glass is a must.

Showcasing the eye-popping studio glass works of Dale Chihuly, this top rated museum is one-of-a-kind with tourists rave it’s ‘worth going to Seattle just for this’.

If you know anything about Seattle, surely you have heard of Pike Place Market for the fish toss heard around the globe.

Even if seafood isn’t your jam, any excuse to throw a fish seems like a good time…or maybe that’s just me?

Summertime Is Perfect For Exploring Seattle’s Wild Side

Sunset at Golden Gardens Beach

Seattle is no Cancun when it comes to beaches, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a summertime getaway for sun and sand.

Despite the city’s dreary, rainy reputation, that couldn’t be further from the truth, as many cities see significantly more downpours than Seattle.

Between stunning mountains to explore and a plethora of waterways, islands, and beaches, travelers shouldn’t only be drawn into the bright lights of downtown.

North of the hustle and bustle of the city life lies Golden Gardens Beach, a highly rated beach getaway locals rave about.

Tourist at Blanca Lake near Seattle

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the water with ferry access to beautiful islands, including Bainbridge, San Juan, and Whidbey, the largest island in Washington.

Sometimes blending the best of both worlds is the best way to enjoy the outdoors too.

Since Seattle isn’t nearly as rainy as its reputation, that means there are plenty of patios and rooftops bars to lounge at.

Seattle offers amazing views at every turn and is unquestionably one of the best places to enjoy a cocktail while taking in sweeping views of the Pacific Northwest.

Waterfront Park in Seattle

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