Nearly 4 full months into 2024, some of the best times to travel are still ahead of us.

When it comes to the digital nomad lifestyle, many places are great to make your base for a while, and then they give you the boot, enforcing stringent visa rules.

Not every place has taken the plunge, but more and more countries are embracing this popular travel trend by launching digital nomad visas lightening the headache for nomads and allowing them to stay long-term.

Digital nomads tend to have a specific set of preferences – affordability, safety, and work/life balance, to name a few.

A team of experts at digital public relations agency Reboot Online analyzed these factors and more to reveal 2024’s top 5 cities in the world for digital nomads.

5) Tokyo

Tokyo skyline

Let’s backtrack for a second.

Not every digital nomad destination is going to be insanely affordable with $1 train tickets, $10 gourmet meals, and $500 apartments.

Sometimes, digital nomads, like other types of travelers, have to bite the bullet.

That’s definitely the case for Tokyo as it’s not exactly know for being cheap.

Digital nomads tend to stay long-term, so you probably don’t want to live out of a capsule hotel for more than a few nights, one of Tokyo’s cheapest options.

The study finds Tokyo Airbnbs go for $195 per night on average, a stretch for many nomads’ wallets.

On the bright side, Tokyo checks off the boxes for the rest of the categories, especially in terms of safety and ease of getting around all the incredible sites Japan’s capital has to offer.

4) Barcelona

Tourist riding bike in  Barcelona

Digital nomads can breathe a sigh of relief if Tokyo’s high costs push you away because there are still some phenomenal cultural cities to call home in Europe.

While Barcelona isn’t the cheapest city in the world either, nomads will find they get more bang for their buck.

Nightly averages for Airbnbs are $135, but we all know monthly rates can save travelers a fortune!

Barcelona scores high in safety and work/life balance as the city is well-equipped with speedy internet.

Plus, who in their right mind wouldn’t want to use a cozy cafe as their office in one of Europe’s most iconic cities?

3) Madrid

View of Madrid cityscape

See a common theme here?

It seems as if Spain is one of nomads’ best bets for overall value and experiences, especially with an official digital nomad visa.

Madrid and Barcelona both go hand in hand as Spanish icons, so really, the choice is yours, and it’s hard to say you’ll go wrong choosing either.

According to the study, nightly rates and internet speeds are about the same, but Madrid is much easier to get around, scoring much higher than Barcelona.

2) Buenos Aires

Tourist walking through street fair in Buenos Aires

If your backpack is stuffed and jetting around on a budget, then Buenos Aires is one of the top destinations to live cheap under $2,000 per month.

Argentina’s currency tanked compared to the U.S. dollar, leaving travelers licking their chops over the potential savings they can have by coming here.

Reboot Online backs this up with their findings on cheap stays averaging $70 per night. They also found this vast, historical city is easy to move about, while nomads may have some frustrations with internet speeds.

1) Bangkok

Skyline of Bangkok at night

Thailand was just named the best country in the world to visit.

That alone should be enticing to make their base, but the question may be, “why Bangkok?”.

First and foremost, travelers will never find themselves bored in this bustling city as there is always something exciting to see, explore, or taste.

Digital nomads can balance work seamlessly with the second-highest internet speed in this study.

Southeast Asia has long been attractive to expats as visitors often find a welcoming culture and affordability, and it’s no different for Bangkok.

The study finds Airbnbs are about $85 per night, but there are definitely monthly rates to bring that number down to the average digital nomad’s comfort level.

Moreover, despite Bangkok scoring low for the amount of locals living near transit stations, this city is easy to get around as one of local’s top preferences when seeking a home is being near the metro.

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