These 6 U.S. Destinations Cost Travelers The Most For Hotel Rooms Right Now

Every dollar counts these days, especially when traveling. Between inflation and rising airfare costs, it seems the cost of a vacation is more than ever.

And while a travel budget has many facets, the one that typically takes the biggest slice of the pie is accommodations. So, when choosing a vacation destination, it is helpful to know which destinations have the costliest hotel rates.

Thankfully, the travel experts at recently analyzed hotel rates across the U.S. and came up with a list of the destinations with the highest average accommodation costs.

If any of these destinations are on your bucket list and you are traveling on a budget, don’t rule it out – there are plenty of ways to save money when traveling.

For the recent study, researchers looked at the average rates for a standard double room during the month of May across all qualifying locations. In order to be considered in the study, hotels needed to meet certain criteria that travelers commonly look for, including:

a luxury hotel in Kaanapali, Maui, Hawaii.
  • Have a rating of at least 3 stars
  • Be centrally located or close to a beach
  • Have mostly positive guest reviews
  • Be Located in a destination with at least 20 hotels

The data not only shows the most expensive destinations, but also the average cost per night – information that is helpful for planning and also when looking for a good deal.

So which destinations topped the list?

6. Napa, California

The sixth most expensive U.S. destination, according to the study, is beautiful Napa in the heart of California’s wine country.

The average cost of a hotel room in Napa is $290 per night.

A rustic winery and vineyard in Napa California

5. Anna Maria Island, Florida

Anna Maria Island, off of Florida’s Gulf Coast, is not only the fifth most expensive destination but also the most expensive place in the entire state of Florida.

The average nightly rate is $294, but there is also a seven-mile strip of white sand beaches, and many visitors would agree that it’s worth a splurge.

anna maria island

4. Wailea, Hawaii

The luxury resort town of Wailea in South Maui is the fourth most expensive destination, with an average cost of $301 per night.

But what does all that money get you? Access to the region’s five beautiful crescent-shaped beaches, several top-notch golf courses, and views that are just priceless.


3. Kihei, Hawaii

The beachcomber’s paradise of Kihei, Hawaii, also in Maui, cracks the top 3 with an average nightly hotel rate of $301.

Its location on the southwest shore means that it has the sunniest and driest weather on the island, as well as 6 beautiful miles of beaches to enjoy.

Green turtle sunbathing on a beach. Hawaiian green turtle - Honu - on a sand of Kamaole Beach II, Kihei, Maui.

2. Lahaina, Hawaii

With the second highest rates in the country, Maui’s historic whaling village turned artsy town, Lahaina, is also the most expensive in Hawaii. Rates average $338 per night. Visitors love exploring Front Street – the town’s main drag and home to historic sites, art galleries, shops, and restaurants.

Lahaina hawaii

1. Charleston, South Carolina

Trendy Charleston, South Carolina has the most expensive average hotel price in all of the United States.

On average, hotels in Charleston cost $358 per night.

You’ll also have to budget plenty for eating out, as Charleston is consistently ranked among the best foodie destinations in the country.

a view of quiet tree-lined streets in charleston south carolina

Other Fun Facts From The Study

In addition to the above rankings, the survey also provided some other interesting information. Because this is an annual study, we can look back at previous data to better understand the rates as a whole.

Overall, while some of these prices might seem high, they are significantly less than the 2022 rates for the same period. The average prices for the top 20 destinations decreased by 11% between 2022 and 2023.

For example, in 2022 the average hotel rate in Charleston was $374 compared to $358 this year. More dramatically, prices in Poipu, Hawaii went from $397 in 2022 when it topped the list to $275 in 2023 – it now stands at number 10.

The study presented rates for the top 20 destinations, which include:

Poipu Beach Hawaii waters was ashore
  1. Calistoga, California – $284
  2. Boston, Massachusetts – $282
  3. Sedona, Arizona – $276
  4. Poipu, Hawaii – $275
  5. Tybee Island, Georgia – $275
  6. Santa Monica, California – $262
  7. Key West, Florida – $258
  8. Savannah, Georgia – $234
  9. Newport, Rhode Island – $320
  10. West Palm Beach, Florida – $224
  11. Islamorada, Florida – $222
  12. Nashville, Tennessee – $221
  13. Waikoloa, Hawaii – $221
  14. Saratoga Springs, New York – $217

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