Europe is such a stunning, attraction-filled continent that it’s hard not to give in to temptation and dream about exploring its fairytale-like cities and iconic sights, especially now that you don’t have to worry about rain or the bitter winter cold ruining your trip.

There’s one thing keeping travelers from making the cross-Atlantic journey, though – and that’s the cost.

Flights alone will set you back hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, leaving you with little room in your budget to make that dream European getaway happen.

That said, it’s not all bad news.

There are still some gorgeous cities scattered across the continent that offer a world of new things to do and see without breaking the budget, and today, we’ve gone through some of Europe’s trendiest destinations and put them through the Numbeo database to figure out which, exactly, offer the best value for the money.

Below, you’ll find our roundup of the 5 cheapest cities in Europe you’ll actually want to visit, and, in the end, you’ll even get a handy table that gives you some more insight into how these places compare in terms of pricing, so make sure to stick around.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest from above

I’ve always said that Budapest is one of the best European cities where you can experience the stunning sights and grandeur of Vienna and Prague for a fraction of the price.

Proudly standing along the banks of the Danube River, the Hungarian capital offers more than just awe-inspiring sights – it’s also home to some world-renowned thermal baths and one of Europe’s most underrated culinary scenes.

And with taxi rides costing well under $5 and solo meals only setting you back around $10, this is easily one of the best-value destinations in the entire continent.

Tirana, Albania

Skanderbeg Square, Tirana, Albania

As the capital of one of Europe’s fastest-growing countries, Tirana is a travel gem just waiting to be explored.

Whether you’ll come here for the $40-a-night hotel rooms, exhilarating nightlife, gorgeous surrounding sights, or incredible cuisine, one thing’s for sure – the humble Albanian capital will exceed even your wildest expectations.

Bucharest, Romania

View of Bucharest

With Romania being named Europe’s safest, most budget-friendly destination, more and more eyes have been turned toward Bucharest, and, can I say – it’s about time!

Here, you’ll find many gorgeous Belle Époque buildings that’ll take your breath away sprinkled in and between better-known attractions like the Palace of the Parliament, Revolution Square, and the historic Lipscani district.

Sofia, Bulgaria

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia, Bulgaria

Offering the perfect blend of historical wonders (think the UNESCO-listed Boyana Church, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, and the ancient Roman ruins of Serdica) and trendy vibes, Sofia stands as one of Europe’s most underrated, best-value destinations.

And now that Bulgaria is officially in the Schengen Zone, getting in and out of its stunning capital has never been easier, so make sure to see and explore as much as possible if you do make (the very smart) decision to travel here.

Porto, Portugal

Porto, Portugal old town

The list wouldn’t be complete without Porto, a city whose blend of jaw-dropping sights and reasonable prices has been garnering international attention for quite some time now.

And it’s easy to see why.

Portugal’s second-largest city is not only a pastel-hued haven filled with some of Europe’s most darling views but also a budget-friendly hub where you can get a cappuccino for $1.62 and a three-course meal for two for just a little over $42.

With all that said, if you’re still a bit unsure when it comes to which destination would offer the best value for the money, check out the table below to figure out how they compare in terms of pricing:

Budapest Tirana Bucharest Sofia Porto
Small water bottle (12 oz) $1.18 $0.7 $2 $0.85 $1.19
Cappuccino $2.27 $1.7 $3 $2 $1.68
Bus ticket $1.21 $0.4 $0.64 $0.87 $1.92
1-Mile taxi ride $1.91 $5 $3 $1.14 $1.2
Meal for one $10.78 $9.85 $10.7 $10.89 $9.58
Three-course meal for two $53.89 $48.43 $53.48 $43.57 $42.58

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