When you think of a European summer getaway, your mind probably wanders to some dreamy Greek island, complete with winding, bougainvillea-lined streets and royal-blue waters.

And you’re not alone.

Greece is going through what can only be described as a tourism renaissance right now, breaking record after record with seemingly no end in sight.

Local airports this past month saw a remarkable 12.2% traffic increase, which, while impressive in and of itself, wasn’t too surprising since the number is only bound to get higher as the weather gets warmer.

What caught our eye, though, was the fact that one iconic island that has long attracted millions of travelers has suddenly overtaken smaller, trendier destinations and re-emerged as Greece’s fastest-growing hub.

We’re talking about Santorini, a place whose white stone houses and pristine-looking waters have become among the most easily recognizable sights on Earth.

Santorini traditional white buildings

The stunning island saw a whopping 24.4% increase in international passenger traffic in March, showing once again that some destinations just never go out of style.

It’s still worth exploring, though – why are so many travelers falling back in love with Santorini?

Flying To Santorini Has Never Been Easier (Or Cheaper!)

While cruisers have always had the opportunity to explore some of the Mediterranean’s most gorgeous gems (Santorini included) for a reasonable price, those who prefer to fly to their destination of choice haven’t always been that lucky.

Picturesque view of traditional cycladic Santorini houses on narrow street

These past couple of years, however, all that’s changed – several new nonstop flights between the U.S. and Greece have been announced, and traveling to Santorini has become a breeze.

Not only are there far more options right now in terms of scheduling, but because supply has increased so drastically, ticket prices have seen a notable drop as well.

This June, for example, return tickets between the two countries start at just $375, which is cheaper than even some domestic flights (take most New York-Alaska routes, for example).

Woman holding a passport and a plane ticket

That’s why people are rushing to take advantage of the fact that now, they can enjoy that million-dollar-feeling holiday without having to pay the price to match.

Other Trendy Hotspots Are Getting Too Crowded For Their Own Good

Remember how I said that Greece has been having an incredibly successful year tourism-wise?

Well, that comes with its own drawbacks, the main one being that some of the country’s trendiest hotspots are being overtaken by mass tourism.

Tourist crowds in Athens

Places like Athens and Mykonos have officially become too crowded for their own good, losing that quintessential Greek charm and authenticity that visitors come to experience in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong – Santorini is, and always has been, a hugely popular tourist hotspot, but because it’s been a while since it’s enjoyed the status of Greece’s trendiest destination, the visitor crowds have died down a bit, making roaming around the island that much more enjoyable.

Santorini Isn’t As Expensive As You’d Think

To many, “I spent the summer in Santorini” sounds the same as “I had thousands of dollars to spare for my summer vacation this year,” which is why we tend to talk ourselves out of even dreaming about one day getting to experience it ourselves.

Stairs leading down to the Aegean Sea, Santorini, Greece

As someone who’s already been to the island, though, the idea that a Santorini trip is only doable on an insane budget is a myth.

Now, I’m not talking about traveling first class or renting a luxurious poolside villa – that’s obviously going to cost you a pretty penny.

However, the average traveler coming to the island won’t have to spend more than $50-$80 a night for a gorgeous, amenity-filled hotel room in a good location.

Santorini hotel

Now, since this is a more touristy hub, food will be a bit on the pricier side, but still, there’s no shortage of cheaper restaurants that promise a great experience for just around $15 per person – pretty reasonable if you ask me.

There’s Always A New Place Opening On The Island

What has kept Santorini at the center of international attention for so long is the fact that there’s always someplace new and exciting opening on the island.

Santorini at night

Just this year, for example, two gorgeous new hotels (Domes Novos Santorini and Santo Mine Oia Suites) are coming to Santorini for travelers looking for the ultimate pampering experience.

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