Viva Air launches Viva Mundo in partnership with Dohop

Viva Air launches Viva Mundo in partnership with Dohop

Viva Air, the leading ultra-low-cost airline in the South America region, announced the launch of Viva Mundo, a service that enables passengers to purchase multi-leg trips across airlines to reach destinations in the Americas not directly served by Viva Air.

Pablo Madriñan, chief commercial officer of Viva group comments: “Through this offering, we are further expanding opportunities to connect our passengers between South America and North America with a single transaction, therefore providing them more international travel options. We will continue to maintain our characteristic low prices on the routes operated directly by Viva.”

David Gunnarsson, CEO of Dohop adds: “We are very excited to have helped Viva Air find a cost-effective solution to provide their customers with a means to travel to the most popular US and Canadian destinations.” “We look forward to working with Viva Air to grow the number of airlines on the Viva Mundo platform soon, thus increasing the destinations available to Viva Air’s passengers and offering them better connectivity.” “As we expand further into the Americas, such partnerships show the value that alternative interlining agreements can provide to both airlines and their passengers in the region.”

As part of this launch, Viva Air offers connections with airline partners such as Air Transat, meaning that through a single transaction, travelers can fly from Colombia or Peru. (Viva Air’s main hubs) to – amongst many others – airports in Florida and the Caribbean, or Canada’s Quebec, Montreal, and Toronto.

Viva Mundo will be powered by the B2B travel technology provider Dohop, whose API-based interline technology automatically generates the best fares and prices for users. At the same time, it also allows travelers to book ancillary services such as baggage check-in, in-flight services, and upgrades in one seamless experience. Whilst the airlines retain customer ownership, bookings also include an assistance service by Dohop in case of flight delay or cancellation to ensure travelers arrive at their destination as quickly as possible at no additional cost.

More airline additions are planned for the near future as Viva Mundo will be able to easily add new carriers to the platform without the need for code sharing or traditional interline agreements. Through this agreement, Viva Air can provide a wider range of destinations available to their passengers without having to open new direct routes whilst also increasing revenue for the airline.

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