All across Latin America, there are amazing places to venture to in search of culture, affordability, and incredible natural wonders.

Geographically speaking, and for convenience’s sake, Mexico is the easiest to reach, given that they’re our neighbors.

They have countless flight options to amazing destinations of concrete jungles and stunning beaches.

But those seeking even more adventure should strongly consider Central America, where many places rival top vacation hotspots.

Despite its controversies, the smallest country in Central America is enjoying a moment in the spotlight as more Americans discover its vast diversity.

In fact, the latest reports from the Secretary of the Presidency in El Salvador reveal Americans are the driving force for tourism, with 43% of all international visitors last month being Americans.

Welcome To The New And Improved El Salvador

volcano in el salvador

Perhaps the image you hold of El Salvador is a bad one, and rightfully so, if you’re not up to date on the significant changes that have occurred in recent years.

El Salvador is still in the midst of a makeover guided by controversial President Nayib Bukele, who just won another election this week.

This often misunderstood country was once labeled a ‘danger zone’ with violent crime running rampant, and Bukele’s solutions have caught worldwide attention.

Right or wrong, crime is at much lower levels, especially when compared to previous administrations.

police in el salvador

Low enough for Americans to feel safe and embraced by prideful locals who love their beautiful country sandwiched along the coast between Honduras and Guatemala.

Reports detail homicides plummeting 70% in 2023, but the U.S. State Department is still holding firm with a Level 3: Reconsider Travel designation issued last summer.

An Underrated Vacation Spot

Regardless of what you may or may not have heard about El Salvador, vacationing here is pure paradise, especially for a beach getaway.

isolated beach in el salvador

The poorly painted picture of El Salvador in mainstream news shouldn’t deter you, as tourists are rarely ever affected by crime.

You will come back home safe and sound talking about all the fun you had at incredible beaches resorts among other out-of-this-world sites.

An Authentic Trip

Some mega-popular vacation spots in other countries lose their identity over time.

Places that cater directly to tourists get lost in the sauce trying to keep visitors happy while forgetting what made them a draw in the first place.

suchitoto el salvador on nice day

Hopefully, that won’t happen to El Salvador over time, but that makes right now the perfect time to visit to get a real sense of this fascinating country.

Locals are extremely welcoming and happy to have guests in their homeland. Of course, one of the best ways to experience any destination for the first time is through local cuisine.

Here in El Salvador, travelers will find it’s a pupusa paradise! The same way there are seemingly endless taco stands in Mexico City, for example, it’s the same for El Salvador with pupusa stands and Mom & Pop restaurants.

pupusas in el salvador

Pupusas are a staple in Salvadorian kitchens and an absolute must to try on your trip. Whether visiting one of the charming cultural towns, like Ataco or Suchitoto, or the bigger cities such as the capitol of San Salvador or Santa Ana, you wild find these delightful treats are your go-to dish.

Yet, one of the more underrated attractions are local coffee farms tours.

An Outdoor Lovers Dream Destination

Exploring El Salvador’s vast natural wonders will be one of the most memorable parts of your getaway.

Home to beautiful beaches, stunning Coatepeque Lake, picture-perfect waterfalls, and even volcanos, you can hike.

There are few places within close reach of the U.S. where you can enjoy the outdoors.

tamanique waterfall in el salvador

One of the best places to use as your base is the lovely city of Santa Ana, home to the unmistakable Cathedral of Our Lady Saint Anne in the center of town.

From here, you will have a plethora of natural wonders to check out and immerse yourself in the day-to-day life of Salvadorians.

The nearby Santa Ana Volcano offers tours for a moderate hike to one of the most scenic places in the country, where the fluorescent blueish-green crater lake makes for a perfect selfie background once the fog clears.

crater lake at santa ana volcano

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